3 Arrests in One Day, But New York Has Everything Under Control


    Being arrested usually means that a person is off the streets so they don’t continue to commit crimes. One is arrested when they are considered dangerous to others.

    Except if you’re in New York.

    New York claims to have everything under control. Their crime levels are skyrocketing and their governor is being accused of sexual harassment, but everything is under control. Nothing to see over in the Empire State.

    A man was arrested three times in one day.

    Three times.

    This story shows that the state most certainly does not have everything under control. They can’t even handle something as basic as arresting someone when they repeatedly break the law.

    Robert Radek, a 29-year-old in Ulster county, was arrested on the morning of March 7 for violating a vehicle and traffic law. Not only that but when the trooper pulled him over, he was also driving on a suspended license and had possession of crack cocaine.

    In a normal situation, Radek should have been placed into the back of a cruiser and taken to jail.

    However, New York defines being arrested a little differently than the rest of the country.

    The man was issued a court appearance ticket. He was charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the seventh degree. He was never actually thrown behind bars. That, apparently, would come following the court appearance if the judge deemed it necessary.

    Only a few hours later, Radek was stopped again – for another traffic violation. He was driving a different vehicle, but it was the same trooper to stop him.

    The trooper recognized Radek.

    Radek must have had a busy morning as he now had possession of not only crack cocaine but also heroin. He was charged with the same crime as he was earlier that morning and was given another court appearance ticket.

    That’s now two tickets.

    If Radek was smart, he would have learned his lesson. However, it’s safe to say that criminals, especially those who have already been stopped twice in a single day, do not learn.

    So, Radek was stopped a third time. On the evening of March 7, he was stopped for committing multiple vehicle and traffic law violations. The responding trooper determined that the man was under the influence. He was charged with a Class E felony, including Driving While Ability Impaired and Aggravated Unlicensed Operator in the first degree. He was given a ticket to return in court.

    Three tickets.

    It’s unclear as to whether the man was ever actually brought to the police station and thrown behind bars. It’s unclear as to whether either of the vehicles he was stopped in was impounded at any point.

    If Radek had been placed into jail and held on bail for any amount of time after the first incident, there would have been no reason for the two additional stops. Especially on the third stop, where he was found to be intoxicated and driving on a suspended license, he could have killed people. He could have killed countless innocent people on the roads simply because the criminal justice system is broken in New York.

    Driving on a suspended license is not enough to get thrown into jail. Driving with possession of heroin and crack cocaine, too, is not enough to get thrown behind bars.

    New York’s rising crime is their own doing. They’re not taking a hard enough line with criminals anymore.

    This is just one story. This is one instance where a man was able to continue to commit crimes throughout the day, even after being stopped by cops. Oh, sure, he has three tickets to appear in court – but he’s out making bad choices until that court date. Who knows how many other tickets he may have in his glove compartment?

    Democrats have allowed crimes to be swept under the rug. Liberals are fighting to take away control from the police. When that happens, you end up with problems like what New York is facing. Criminals just keep committing crimes because there’s no deterrent – and we cannot allow the rest of the country to inherit such a liberal way of thinking.


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