7 States Join Texas Election Lawsuit Against Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania


    Colonel Allen West made a very interesting appearance on Steve Bannon’s The War Room just yesterday. As the Republican Party Texas state leader, he plays a key role in what happens going forward. He was there to discuss the Texas lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. It is being filed in the Supreme Court, which should make a lot of folks very nervous.

    According to West, Louisiana has also decided to join the lawsuit. He shared the news with Bannon during the sit-down. The 2020 election was filled with irregularities and lawlessness. West is looking to put a stop to that and expose those who are responsible. “I think you’re going to see ten states sign on to this petition and lawsuit.  I know as you said Louisiana just came on board,” said West.

    “SEVEN states have now joined Texas lawsuit, arguing that the Equal Protection Clause has been violated in this election from state-to-state. @Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota. #StopTheSteal • #FightForTrump,” tweeted one of the main proponents for #StopTheSteal. These states’ argument is a very simple one.

    They believe that the Equal Protection Clause was not honored in any of these states. The violations need to be addressed in a court of law as soon as possible. We are getting a great deal of pleasure out of watching the Texas case snowball. These states may have been led astray during the actual election but help is now on the way.

    We cannot wait to see what happens once the liberals are forced to confront the existence of these lies. They may have believed that they were done with Trump for good but that is not going to happen. Even in a best-case scenario for the liberals, he is still going to be a very important presence in the Republican party.

    He may be defeated at the moment but his presence still looms large. The GOP is still going to flow through Donald Trump, even if his attempt at stopping the electoral fraud is stonewalled. The liberals who believe that they are going to be rid of him forever just because one election was snatched away are going to be in for a rude awakening.

    At least those of us who are looking to see an actual fight will get our wish soon enough. We were worried that the Republicans would be willing to lay down and let this theft happen. It warms the heart to see so many patriots who are ready to stand up for what is right. This is bigger than a presidency and it is bigger than any one election.

    If this election is stolen, we will never enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our vote has been cast in the proper way. People are going to become even more disillusioned about the democratic process and they may decide to stop voting entirely. The divisions that have caused so many of us to have a difficult year are only going to grow deeper.

    The left does not care, though. The deep, deep chasm that is growing in this country is only being widened by this group on an everyday basis. As long as they are getting their way, they don’t care about law and order. The rule of law is merely an obstacle to them now. They have seen the line, scoffed at it, and crossed right over it.

    What happens next is up to those who are fighting on our behalf and the powers that be. Will we be saying “good job!” or will we be lamenting all of the moves that were not made. It’s hard to tell at the moment. One thing is for sure: Steve Bannon, Allen West, and the rest of the folks who are currently putting up a good battle definitely deserve a great deal of kudos going forward.


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