Adams Makes Headlines for NYC a Bit Bloodier


    Eric Adams was supposed to be what NYC needed. He made vibrant claims that he could be better than Bill de Blasio. And the liberal voters of New York City believed him. There’s just one problem: it seems that all of his claims were for nothing.

    We’re used to seeing Chicago take headlines across the country with its shootings and murders. We used to point to mayor Lori Lightfoot as one of the worst mayors in the U.S. because she couldn’t seem to stop the bloodshed. She just stayed in her office, ignorant to the problems on the streets.

    Well, it’s not Chicago in the headlines anymore. It’s NYC. Thanks to Adams, the headlines for the Big Apple are bloodier than ever – and it doesn’t seem like he knows what to do about any of it.

    This past Saturday, there were four people stabbed in the subway system of New York City. This is just a day after the useless liberal mayor issued a 17-page plan to address public safety and homelessness in the subways.

    Three suspects stabbed a homeless man seven times near the Jamaica-Van Wyck station in Queens.

    A man punched a woman in the back on the platform of Livonia and Van Siclen in Brooklyn.

    A man was stabbed and slashed by box cutters by teens at the 168th Street Station in Washington Heights.

    And, a man stabbed another man with a knife near Morningside Heights.

    Notice that there are no guns being used. Most of the weapons are whatever people can get their hands on. It means that any talk of gun control is useless because the people committing the crimes aren’t even using guns.

    As for the people who are committing the crimes on the subways, the police reports rarely identify a person as homeless or mentally unstable. As such, it’s unlikely that Adams’ plan will do anything to improve NYC subway safety.

    Adams unveiled his big safety plan alongside Governor Kathy Hochul. The two Democrats think that they’ve got it all figured out – but the crime has been going on for so long that it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to do anything.

    Realistically, a lot of things have to happen first. Adams has to make sure that the NYPD is fully funded. Adams also has to make sure that the liberal district attorney and judges will do their jobs by keeping the criminals locked up. Catch and release programs only allow for the crimes to keep happening – and it frustrates the NYPD to the point that they walk off the job.

    Rather than creating a plan, Adams could have borrowed Rudy Giuliani’s plan from the 1990s. The Republican mayor had cleaned things up beautifully, reducing both crime and homelessness. The only reason the city is such a hot mess right now is that it’s been under the thumb of Democratic leadership for entirely too long.

    Adams believes that his plan is just what the city needs. The press release explains that “the plan includes comprehensive investments in short- and medium-term solutions, including expanded outreach teams with NYPD officers and clinicians, additional housing and mental health resources, and outlines long-term systems improvements through changes to state and federal laws…”

    This sounds like a whole lot of lip service.

    Perhaps there needs to be an investment in metal detectors. Oh, and of course actually establishing deterrents from committing crimes.

    NYPD is supposed to enforce some of the subway rules that are often ignored by the people of NYC, including sleeping across multiple seats, creating an unsanitary environment, and exhibiting aggression toward passengers.

    Unfortunately, Adams’ plan doesn’t sound too impressive. We can expect to see many more dangerous headlines featuring New York City. At least Mayor Lightfoot gets a break from having Chicago on display for a while.


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