America First is Not a Racial Idea


    Operation Warp Speed put into place by President Trump has been extremely successful. A vaccine has been developed in under a year, and now it is ready to be distributed. A typical vaccine takes up to several years just to get through the testing phase. But the president funded the fight well and organized it with the best people so it could be developed to save lives.

    The Democrats are not as happy as one would think they should be. The racial liberals have stated that they would not allow the vaccine into their cities because a Republican developed it. Trump’s political views are not a good reason to keep lifesaving medicine from being used.

    There is no doubt that Operation Warp Speed is a plan that will go down in the history books as the greatest medical success story in the past century. But thanks to the biased media and socialist dictators trying to seize control of everything, the president will have no recognition for his part in saving lives.

    The Democratic Party is seeking to erase the name of the president from all records. They just hate the fact that he alone has beaten them at every turn. He beat them in 2016, and there is still a chance that he will humiliate them in 2020 as well.

    But because the president cut out all the red tape, there are now two vaccines ready for use in America. The liberals would love to take these vaccines and ship them to other countries while neglecting the need in this country.

    But the president is going against the normal way of thinking and putting America first. He has signed an executive order that essentially puts Americans at the top of the list to receive the lifesaving drug once it comes out.

    There is no American spirit left in the Democratic Party. There is no spirit of pride left of being an American. They would rather apologize for being a great nation than protect it from powers that would seek to tear it all down.

    The new coronavirus vaccine will stay within the country until every single American is cured of the nasty China virus. The era of putting American hating people first has come to an end. America is great because people like the president are not afraid to stand up and do what is necessary to keep the country great.

    By him prioritizing Americans first, he has made it possible for this country to get back to normal before everyone else. America really is why so many other countries have strong economies. A weak America means that others around the world will suffer. But that is precisely what the liberals would love to see happen.

    The Food and Drug Administration is still holding out as they still have to review each application for the vaccine’s emergency use. Americans stand to recover well once it can be used. The FDA is set to review both applications for the two drugs in the coming day. But in the meantime, the president has put Americans first as it should be.

    One official stated that “The priority is to make sure we distribute these vaccines to Americans before we start shipping them around the world to get international access.” Such help would undoubtedly come “late spring, early summer.” America first means that every person who wanted vaccination would get a shot before letting the international community have the vaccine.

    The long road that the Democrats have kept the country on is coming to an end. And now that things are about ready to return to normal, the Democrats are getting nervous because the public is coming back against them and hating how they were treated.

    President Trump deserves all the credit for the vaccine being created in record time. He alone saw it through, which will end up saving a lot of lives. The liberal media may try and lie about the creation of the virus. But everyone knows the truth that the president is the one that made it possible for America to survive the pandemic created by China and their liberal terrorist friends.


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