An ‘Oops’ From Obama May Say A Lot About the Biden Presidency


    Is Joe Biden really capable of being the president of the United States of America? It’s been a question since the moment that he threw in his hat for the Democratic primaries. He’s been seen as a puppet – he’ll be the face of the Democratic Party, but he won’t actually be calling any of the shots.

    There’s a reason why many of his policies sound like they’ve been ripped out of the Obama playbook – they have.

    Now, it appears that Barack Obama has confirmed what we all have been thinking – that Biden really isn’t calling the shots. Perhaps Obama said the plan out loud in a major ‘oops’ moment.

    Obama was recently interviewed by Stephen Colbert for The Late Show. There was an important question asked: do you miss being the president?

    Obama confirmed that he did and talked about how he wished that there could be an arrangement with a frontman so that he could just hang out in his basement wearing sweatpants and deliver the links. He went on to say that “I’d be fine with that because I found the work fascinating.”

    In walks Biden as the perfect frontman. He’s been the VP, he’s an older, trusted member of the Democratic Party, and he knows how to read off of a teleprompter.

    Who cares about Biden’s mental faculties when he’s capable of reading whatever Obama puts in front of him?

    There’s a reason why Republicans kept saying that Biden would be a dangerous choice – a vote for him was just like putting Obama in for a third term. Now, it seems that may be exactly what happened.

    Obama loved being president. Although what he said in the interview was meant as a joke, it’s got a number of people scratching their heads. It would allow Obama to continue working on solving the big, complicated problems that Biden simply isn’t capable of doing. Obama has admitted that he found the work to be “really satisfying.”

    Biden’s going to need all the help that he can get. He’s clearly incapable of thinking for himself. How many times throughout the primaries did he struggle with coming up with coherent thoughts? Even after he won the primaries, he would refer to himself as running for Senator. He’s also commented on more than one occasion that it’s the Harris/Biden administration or even the Obama/Biden administration.

    It may be a joint effort between Barack Obama and Kamala Harris to keep things running. Biden will just stand there with a smile and wave. He’ll read whatever they put on a teleprompter to ensure that he’s capable of being a good little puppet. He’ll be the face that the Democrats need while others behind him decide how the country is going to be run.

    It’s one of the reasons why the Democrats were able to win with their ridiculous slogan of “vote blue no matter who.” They all knew that Joe Biden wasn’t a worthy candidate. They also weren’t 100 percent sure who was in charge of manipulating the puppet strings. It didn’t matter – it could be Obama, Harris, or anyone else in a basement. As long as Biden was capable of speaking coherent thoughts, they were willing to vote him into office.

    Another four years of Obama is going to be a nightmare – Obamacare and DACA are two of the biggest nightmares that eight years of Obama has already created. We don’t want that. Although Trump managed to start working to get rid of such things, Biden is now promising to bring them back – and why? Because it may, in fact, be Obama’s third term.

    Joe Biden has already said that there’s going to be “Obama 2.0” in the office. And many of the people that Biden has chosen for top positions in the White House were from the Obama/Biden administration.

    Well, thanks, Obama. We appreciate you clearing up who is really running things for Biden.


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