Andrew Cuomo Has Been Buried Under a Pile of Inappropriate Actions That Have Him Stuck in Guilty Land


    By lev radin/

    Sexual predator Andrew Cuomo is back in the news after finding out that there is so much evidence pointing to him being a felon that he will never see the light of day again.

    The creepy old man has been sexually harassing women for years and even used his staff to produce a private book detailing the events of how he weathered New York through the pandemic. The man is neck-deep in crimes, and there is no chance of him being able to escape.

    The Democrats believe that they can do whatever they want as long as they do not get caught. When Andrew Cuomo was caught, he tried to weasel his way out of trouble by discrediting his accusers and burying reports that would have revealed his crimes. But the amount of evidence that has been found is drowning the old man in a pile of sins.

    Townhall reported on a report released on the criminal governor by revealing that the man tried to get his staff to revise official health documents that reported the number of deaths in the state related to COVID-19.

    He needed them to reduce the number of people to a fraction of what it was to get good reviews for his book release date.

    The Assembly’s Judiciary Committee hired a private law firm to compile the evidence needed to pin the tail on the donkey. They found that everything that had been circulating about the man was true. And to top everything off, Cuomo had secretly made a book deal worth $5.2 million that would set him up for life. And sadly, it was a book on leadership.

    Andrew Cuomo is a liar because he promised officials that overlook ethics in politics that he would not use any state funds to help with his book. But when he used the staff to produce the book, he violated that promise.

    Townhall reported that the document stated that “One senior state official explained that Book-related assignments were given by superiors and expected to be completed, and the work was not voluntary.

    Another senior state official complained in a text message to a colleague that works on the Book was compromising the official’s ability to work on COVID-related matters.”

    Many staff members had to write out details for the book while they were on the time clock. And in one case, one person had over a thousand emails about the book that he had to handle.

    The sexual predator lied to the ethics committee and abused his position by forcing people to perform tasks for his private life.

    He acted like a mini dictator thinking his subjects were supposed to bow at his feet. The man had his entire staff running around like his personal minions.

    Cowardly, Cuomo was adamant that he was innocent early on in the fight for his freedom. But the more people found out about his exploits, the more likely he would be forced out of office. So, the old man decided to resign, still raving that he had done nothing wrong.

    Cuomo even tried to battle the state assembly and attack their investigation into his criminal behaviors. The man is on a one-way ticket to ankle bracelet tracking devices and prison time.

    He would like women to his mansion, and once there would sexually assault them and demand that they tell no one about what he had done to them.

    The report revealed that Cuomo did grope women and did all sorts of things to them. The report also found that the old man lied about the number of deaths in New York and had people forge the health documents with smaller numbers.

    And the list keeps getting bigger against Cuomo. The report also revealed that “At no time has the former governor meaningfully complied with the committee’s requests or cooperated with its investigation.”

    He has fought them all of the ways, trying to keep them from finding the truth about how horrible he has been towards people and his job to serve.


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