Anyone See that Bus? Biden Just Drove it Over Psaki


    That’s what President Biden did recently – he threw White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki under the bus because she dared to tell the truth. The truth didn’t look good, so Biden explained that she had her facts wrong. It begs the question, though. Did she?

    Not too long ago, Jen Psaki held a press conference where she talked about one of Biden’s big 100-day plans. By the end of his 100 days, he was determined to have kids back in school at least one day a week. This would help to facilitate in-classroom learning.

    One day? That hardly seemed like an impressive plan. One day isn’t going to get kids across America the education they need and deserve.

    “Not true,” Biden speaks up. “It was a mistake in the communication.”

    Anyone get the license plate on that bus? Beep, beep. It just ran over Psaki.

    A town hall on CNN left Biden backtracking on what was previously shared during a press conference. Biden claims that the administration is planning to re-open a majority of the schools that are K through 8th grade.

    How many days a week? Well, he’s not too clear on that. It’s Biden we’re talking about. He’s never too clear on anything. It may actually be a way to ensure that he doesn’t end up lying to anyone. He simply omits the information of importance.

    Host Anderson Cooper tried to dig in to find out a bit more. The administration set a goal to open most of the schools within the first 100 days. But if it’s only for one day a week…

    Biden says, “that’s what was reported.” Yeah, reported by your Press Secretary. While he doesn’t throw Jen Psaki under the bus by name, that’s the person who provided the information. If you’re not giving your Press Secretary accurate information, how will we ever know what’s going on?

    Biden wants to pretend as though the media just made this up.

    When Biden goes to clarify, he talks about opening the majority of schools in K through eighth grade. Okay, but…he’s not saying what we need to hear. He says that it’s because they’re the easiest to open. Yeah, they are. If they’re so easy, though, why aren’t they already open? Why is it that these schools have to remain in virtual status for three months of your administration?

    Anderson Cooper wants to know when they’ll be open for five days. After all, if we’re talking about offering a benefit to students and families, five days is the only acceptable answer.

    Ahh, Biden. Biden doesn’t want to give anything specific. He uses words like “many” and “majority” by the end of the 100 days. What’s taking so long? Just open the schools already. Plenty of states have had kids back in the classroom since September with no outbreaks.

    At one point, Biden says that “he guesses” that the schools will open over the summer. Oh? Kids are going to be forced into summer school? That’s when Anderson Cooper pushes again for a definitive on the five days a week schedule. Biden confirms that the goal is for five days.

    Then, there’s the issue of opening up the high schools. Maybe those will be one day. Or five days. Biden doesn’t really say anything of value here. Instead, he talks about the contagion level being higher as it has been seen in colleges and universities. So, the information that was previously released is wrong but he doesn’t have any new information to share, either.

    All that’s really clear is that, apparently, Jen Psaki had no idea what she was talking about when she shared what Biden’s 100-day plans were. If we’re lucky, she’ll circle back on that sometime soon.


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