Arrogance Marks Gavin Newsom as He Blames Legal Transactions for Illegal Behavior


    Californians continue to live under the tyrannical leader Gavin Newsom. His lustful attempts to grab power have only infuriated the movement seeking to unseat his dictatorship by using the recall option. Millions of voters are recalling Newsom because he is failing to put the people first and himself last.

    The state has been the unfortunate recipient of horrible increases in crime and the homeless population. Newsom refuses to believe that any terrible things happening in the state are related to his terrible leadership. He would instead try and find other sources to blame his failures on.

    The target he has chosen to blame the increase in crime this time around is a surge in gun sales. The lousy liberal found another reason to force the gun control debate into the arena of politics. The surge in homicide is just one of many things dragging the once glorious state into the trash.

    The jump in guns sales that he is referring to are legal sales. Law-abiding citizens bought the guns in question with no criminal record. They had to buy the guns because they needed to defend themselves against people trying to commit violent crimes against them. The American people will not the wicked take what does not belong to them without a fight.

    Newsom’s philosophy of ruling is to put the criminals first. He and his death squad want to disarm the people so the wicked can walk all over the innocent—Newsom’s policy to put criminals ahead of regular people seeking to make an honest living for themselves.

    Newsom hates America and only wants to set up a system of socialism where he is the dictator. He wants to tell people what to do and choose the people that he blames his mistakes on.

    The premise behind his claim of crime being the result of guns sales is that it gives him a reason to disarm people. Democrats need to control people so they can enlist their loyalty. People that support the insanity of liberals get to eat, and those that reject their doctrine are kept from medical care and basic human needs.

    Once the people are disarmed, he will be able to control them with his criminal brute squad. During a press conference, the evil dictator noted that signing a law that would “temporarily” makes retail theft a crime. He makes it sound like any other day, and it would be just fine to walk into a retail store and rob them blind. That is precisely what he wants people able to do because there are no guns to detour criminals.

    The way it works in Newsom land is that those who actively commit crimes will not be arrested or even prosecuted. This all may be an attempt to appease people being hurt by his hit squad, but it is a little too late now that he is facing a recall.

    The law he signed is nothing new. It is the reactivation of a law that was allowed to expire. But he is out making it seem like he is siding with legal citizens. But remember, they are the ones buying guns and are solely responsible for the rise in crime, according to Newsom. The only reason he signed the law was to make himself look good.

    The governor is desperate to rebuild his popularity, being reckless and hateful towards the people. Newsom lives in his world where he gets to live above the law while everyone else is forced to lock down and submit to the terrible conditions he makes them live in.

    COVID-19 was the sole issue that he needed to hide his plan as a socialist liberal. California is known as the failed socialist state. His purpose in running the state the way he does is to put California on a level of third-world nations. He cannot stand that people have millions of dollars and have worked hard to make their version of the American dream come true for themselves. But for Newsom, they are the reason why crime is on the rise.


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