Biden Pushes Electric Car Chargers Failing to Understand Where That Electricity Comes From


    By Smile Fight/

    Joe Biden is a mirror image of Gavin Newsom. Both of these liberal mean men desire to slowly and forcefully turn their spheres of influence into stew pots of social messes.

    Newsom has systematically turned California into a failed social state by pushing climate reform and energy policies that are not feasible for the current climate in America. And now along comes Joe Biden intending to push the same things that killed California.

    The old man wants to install thousands upon thousands of plug-in spots for electric cars. He wants to see them all over the country. And it is his insane infrastructure bill that will allow him the ability to pay for the project. He claims that electric plug-ins will go a long way in cutting out emissions. And somehow, it will create jobs.

    Biden has failed yet to realize that he is attacking a symptom and not the root cause. Electric plug-ins are a great idea, but he has laid a solid foundation for electricity to charge all the cars.

    Electricity needs primarily rely on coal and other natural resources, which will increase the use of those resources to power the plugs Biden wants to install. The old man should have invested in renewable energy sources to recycle the material once it wears out.

    Biden thinks that just because he installs a plug-in for a car, a person will run out and buy the car. Many of the current plug-in sites sit empty because no one wants the hassle of bad technology and weak batteries limiting what they can do throughout the day.

    Part of the infrastructure money should go into developing battery systems that last longer than a few years.

    The old man praises himself on the expensive bill because he thinks that it is his idea. But the plug-in sites have been around for a long time but are never used because the machines are not up to public standards.

    The president is already facing backlash from supporters of the bill because people are suffering under the weight of high fuel prices and natural gas prices in the middle of the cold season.

    Mitch McConnell has issued the wake-up call to Biden. He stated, “They just want to throw boatloads of government money at things like solar panels and electric vehicles and hope it all works out.

    American families are staring down the barrel of skyrocketing heating bills, and the Democrats’ response is to go to war against affordable American energy.”

    The Democrats tell people that they are looking at all their options, but they are missing the point. The foundation has not been laid to sustain the result of what Biden wants to see. The point is that Biden is focusing on the wrong issues once again, and he is missing the obvious items that need to be addressed.

    Somehow Biden came up with a billion-dollar figure that is supposed to be enough to change the car industry forever. But many people see that it is far from enough. Newsmax reported that “

    It’s likely $7.5 billion won’t be enough. The International Council on Clean Transportation says the U.S. will need 2.4 million charging stations by 2030 if 36% of new vehicle sales are electric. Currently, there are about 45,500 charging stations nationwide with about 112,000 plugs.”

    He plans to also provide a massive tax incentive to all those that buy an electric vehicle. But no one wants the hassle of plugging in their car when it does no good to start reducing emissions but only increase the natural resource output of current systems.

    Democrats will blindly follow the lead of their old president but will fail to see how his ideas make any difference.

    A decade from now, people will look back and see that the Republicans were right and will wish that they had listened instead of blindly following a person not qualified to lead.


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