Biden Solidifies Illegals in America by Keeping Them From Being Deported


    By Matt Smith Photographer/

    The president’s attacks on American law enforcement have reached new levels now that he is openly helping illegals find ways of remaining in the United States.

    When the old man first took office, he rolled back all the security measures that Donald Trump had worked hard to put in place to protect the country from people crossing into the country illegally.

    Joe Biden wanted open borders to flood the country with people who had no right to be in America. Many of these illegals have horrible criminal records that should already keep them out of the country. But Biden wants to keep them in so they can continue to abuse the American people.

    Biden’s top plan is to restrain law enforcement from being able to deport them from the country. And the way he is making it happen is by keeping ICE from performing their assigned duty and weeding out the illegals, and sending them home.

    Donald Trump allowed ICE to do its job, and nearly 80 percent of the cases of illegals found in America ended in deportation. People were given orders to leave on their own, or they would be arrested and forced out of the country by being put on a plane and sent back to the country of origin.

    Biden is trying to be careful by covering his tracks on the way he is stopping the deportations. He had the Department of Homeland Security lie to the media and claim that the low numbers were because Biden was trying to expand what they called “prosecutorial discretion.” They were claiming that the migrants got to stay in the country even though a judge ordered them deported.

    The Biden administration thinks that they are immune to the orders of the courts. They refuse to put illegals on a plane and send them home even when a federal judge has ordered them out of the country. The old man thinks he is somehow a king ruling his subjects. However, the United States still is a Republic governed by the Constitution which means the president will have to be held accountable for violating court orders.

    The DHS claims that deals were reached so the illegals could remain in the country. But that still does not give them the right to stay in America, being illegal. They are not paying taxes which means that they are pilfering off true Americans trying to earn an honest living.

    The Washington Times noted that the Biden mafia was trying to break down the immigration courts, so the people did not fear facing a judge. Biden is not a friend of America and should never have been sworn in as the president. His actions are treasonous, and he needs to be removed before it is too late.

    Newsmax has reported that “The more relaxed approach under the Biden administration comes as more than 1.4 million migrants were encountered at the southern border between February and September, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) numbers.”

    Biden does not care about what is happening at the border. He may make statements about what is going to happen, but no one believes him anymore because of the ways that he has lied to so many people. If the president had cared about the matter, he would have already had a solution in place.

    Millions of illegals have tried to rush the border and evade being caught in the past year. The illegals band together and try to act like family members to avoid being arrested and taken to processing centers. But the truth is that they are thugs looking to commit more crimes in America.

    Newsmax reported that “The total number of migrants escaping apprehension, a term referred to as the ‘got-away count,’ reached 75,000 in the fiscal year of 2022, beginning in October this year. Currently, the migrant got-away count for 2022 is likely to exceed more than 400,000 as reported in fiscal year 2021, the source revealed to the outlet.”

    The liberals are out to destroy America. And the people are tired of being neglected and put in harm’s way. The red wave is coming, and it will be the driving force behind the salvation of America.


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