Biden Suffers Injury, Leading to the Question of Physical Prowess


    Joe Biden’s going to be the oldest president the United States has ever seen at the time of inauguration. We were promised that he is mentally and physically fit. However, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, he managed to injure himself while playing with his dog.

    Most people know how to handle their dogs. Unless their dog is vicious and untamed, they don’t get hurt simply because of a little rough play.

    Not Joe, though. He’s managed to hurt himself so extensively that he needed to go to the orthopedist.

    What exactly happened?

    Joe Biden was playing with his German Shepherd, Major. German Shepherds are mild-mannered dogs. The problem is that his owner isn’t a spry chicken. In fact, he’s not very steady on his feet at all. During a little bit of play, Joe slipped and twisted his ankle.

    The Biden campaign did a great job of trying to tell us that he was physically fit enough to handle the presidency. They showed him biking on trails throughout the entire campaign so that we could see that the 77-year-old was able to do what he needed to do.

    Now 78, Biden isn’t the example of physically fit. Sure, he can ride a bike, but so can most five-year-olds. The man managed to injure himself to the point of needing to go to the doctor just because he was playing with his dog.

    The average injury that involves a slip and a twisted ankle means a day on the couch with an ice pack. He shouldn’t need to go to the orthopedist because of a twisted ankle. This means that there’s a lot more to the injury than what the Biden campaign wants to say.

    Major certainly didn’t mean any harm. He’s a rescue, and he’ll be the first rescue to be in the White House. He’ll be joined by other four-legged family members, including Champ, another German Shepherd as well as a cat.

    The problem isn’t with the dog. It’s with the owner. He’s weak. He’s physically unfit. The man hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and he’s already managed to injure himself – and it’s over the most ridiculous thing. What’s going to happen next? Is he going to choke on his morning oatmeal?

    This should send up red flags all over the place. The Democrats are setting the stage for Kamala Harris to take over as president. Biden isn’t capable of handling the pressures of being a president. He’s not even capable of handling the pressures of being a dog owner.

    We should all start a tally now of the injuries that Biden sustains between now and Inauguration Day. So far, it’s just a twisted ankle. The campaign promises that he’s only going to the orthopedist out of an abundance of caution. Next month, it’ll be another injury. The month after that, it will be something else.

    There’s no turning back now. America has spoken. Unfortunately, there were too many who thought it would be a good idea for Biden to get into office. Or, at the very least, not Trump.

    As a result of the way in which the votes swung, we will have an invalid as our president. A man who can’t even play with his dog without slipping and injuring himself. If the Dems thought that Trump made the country look weak, what kind of image is Biden going to give the United States?

    It’s a sad headline indeed. The president-elect is headed to the doctor as a result of an injury from playing with his dog. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is ironing her suit so that she can take over as president just as soon as he has one too many injuries. It’s what the Democratic Party has been planning all along. The only problem is that Biden may not even be able to hold it together until Inauguration Day.


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