Biden’s Border Czar Steps Down Amid Ongoing Child Abuses in Biden’s Child Sex Trafficking Scam


    National Security Council Coordinator for U.S. Southern Border Roberta Jacobson is better known as the czar of the border for the Biden administration. It has surprised some people to learn that he is going to be stepping down at the end of this month. The administration is fielding questions about the suspicious timing and there are lots of people who want real answers right now.

    We are chief among them, that is for sure. Roberta Jacobson apparently only signed up for the first 100 days of the administration. No one seems to know why such an odd provision would be tacked on right now, especially since we are dealing with a major crisis.

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki paraded Jacobson in front of everyone back in March, so that she could parrot the usual talking points. The border crisis is raging out of control at the moment but she wants to go home and catch some shut-eye. In a way, this makes her the perfect person for this administration.

    Sleepy Joe would be at home cuddled up in bed right now if he was getting his way about things, too. Jacobson loves to use all of the same talking points that the Biden administration loves most. She’s fond of saying things about the border crisis that might sound good on paper but make no sense when they are applied in real life.

    Biden and his cronies claim that the border situation is not a crisis, it is actually a challenge! Jacobson also pulled out the Biden move, where you blame Trump for all of the problems that are happening right now and do everything you can to shirk responsibility. Since she was appointed to the role, she has barely been present and this should be alarming to all parties involved.

    Even the most casual political observers have to find themselves wondering what she has actually accomplished during these first 100 days. She has yet to factor into any real or meaningful news coverage. Did Sleepy Joe appoint her in hopes that she could provide some small sense of relief to those who are in need?

    If so, he has failed miserably at this objective. She may have some ambassador skills but they are not enough to put a stop to the issues that are currently plaguing us at the border. Why is she leaving early, though? It’s not like she can point to the current state of affairs and feel like she’s done the best job possible.

    As a former ambassador to Mexico, she should already know how bad things have gotten at the border. This is not new information to her, or at least it shouldn’t be. Kamala Harris should have also gotten involved by now. Harris and Jacobson need to have been at the border, personally. How else are they supposed to realize the level to which things have deteriorated, if they are not down there to check it out on their own?

    Of course, the real reason for her stepping down is simple: the administration is considering a “cash transfer” that will help the immigrants at the border. No real explanation for this plan has been provided by Jacobson and her quotes on the matter have us quizzical as well. “The one thing I can promise you is the U.S. government isn’t going to be handing out money or checks to people,” she claims. Um, what?

    How is the “cash transfer” going to take place then? There are also ongoing child abuse scandals that are taking place as a result of Biden’s precious open borders. Jacobson is not addressing any of those either. If anything, she might be jumping off this sinking ship at the right moment. That does not excuse her lack of assistance but this definitely gives us a closer glimpse at her thought process. Kamala Harris, to the rescue! God, this country is so screwed….


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