Biden’s Health Takes Downhill Turn and It Does Not Look Good


    Joe Biden finally got his wish, which was to have a bunch of fake votes cast for him in the Electoral College vote. The Democrats want people to be confused regarding the real intention of their intent to hijack America.

    So, what many states are doing is to cast votes for Biden and at the same time casting votes for President Trump. No one knows what is going to happen at the court level of things.

    Biden acts like he is the next president. But the reality is that there are still several court cases that can change everything. If Biden and the Democrats are so innocent, they should be inviting the courts to get involved and for the investigators to do their job.

    But the truth is that they do not want people snooping around because they know that they will be discovered, and Biden will be forced to step aside.

    Democrats are so convinced that they have gotten away with the greatest fraud heist of all time that they were daring enough to try and block Republican Electors from casting their votes. It is within their legal right to vote in a way that is consistent with legal votes. But these liberal Democrats hired the police to try and keep them from voting.

    The Democrats know that their time is short to keep the truth from coming out. The liberals were shaking with fear when a judge in Michigan ordered the Dominion machines audit paperwork released for the world to read through.

    They found massive amounts of error and what seems like deliberate altering of the facts. What was said was the election results in Antrim County could not be certified because there were too many errors.

    This comes at the end of the Dominion representatives claiming that there was no way the machines could make errors. A full investigation of every machine needs to be done before they are all erased. But that will never happen unless ordered by a court. But those nasty liberals control the courts in the contested regions.

    The courts refused even to consider the possibility of there being any evidence of massive voter fraud. One liberal judge after another upheld their party lines and throughout one case after another. But now that there is reason to believe that the president was right all along, more heads are turning to listen.

    The Democrats are just hoping that it is too late to do anything about their cheating. Cheater Joe Biden keeps making things worse for himself and causing more division every time he comes out and calls for peace between the parties. There will be no peace until the truth is found.

    Biden spoke out, calling for this peace, but failed to give any direction with how that should be done. In his last speech, he attacks President Trump like he is still campaigning against him. If Biden won the election legally, then there is no reason why he should be attacking the man he won against.

    Biden is a puppet that is being exploited for a more sinister purpose. Whatever Democrat is pulling strings is still in the shadows hoping to stay there for a long time. But with all the investigations going on, it will be just a matter of time before that person is exposed.

    The cherry on top of the desert happened when Biden started coughing and could not stop. One wonders if he will even make it to inauguration day. People were wondering if this is the end of Biden.

    People that love Kamala Harris certainly would be fine with Biden stepping aside. But it would have to happen after Biden is sworn into office. She would have a hard time justifying her position as vice president without actually taking office.

    Congress has the right to appoint someone to take over if something happens ahead of time. The election is not over until the legislature branch signs off on it. This is the option that could make or break the hopes of a second term.

    Congress can still intervene and stop Biden because they believe that there is evidence pointing that he cheated on November 3.


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