Biden’s Mob Turn Against Their Own! CNN Attacked by Angry Biden Thugs (Video)


    CNN has spent the last year or so playing cheerleader to Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movements, as we all know. You would think that all of this kissing up would have led them in the right direction but it hasn’t seemed to pan out for them yet. The decision has not paid off and they only have themselves to blame for that.

    The network was posted up outside of the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota last night. Of course, they were there to tell the rioters how awesome they are. Their tune soon changed once one of their crew members got nailed in the head. One of the protesters flung a water bottle their way and it was a direct hit.

    Once the crew member fell over, the mockery began. The crowd of rioters chased them away from the police department, laughing all the while. “That’s a white man, what did he do?” one of the rioters is heard asking. From there, we also hear the others screaming obscenities at the crew.

    CNN has to feel like they are getting a raw deal here. After all of their best efforts to suck up to the protesters, they are being treated like they are the police themselves. The crew members could not even get into their vehicles to drive away without being attacked. This nation is truly sinking to its lowest ebb.

    The extremists who pelted the vehicle with eggs are the same protesters who were defended by CNN in the face of all sorts of rational observations. No one could ever say that they were responsible for the destruction that they caused. No, that was white supremacy’s fault.

    So why are these far-left protesters taking to the streets this time? There was another police shooting. This time, a man who was under arrest slipped right out of his handcuffs and decided to hop back into his car like nothing had happened.

    The officer who was responsible for the shooting has resigned and is going to be charged with manslaughter. What more do these protesters want? At this point, it is starting to look like they are only looking to destroy property and hide behind various silly excuses for the carnage.

    The only noteworthy part of this particular story has to do with these liberals finally starting to turn against their own masters. These are the people who were always willing to believe whatever CNN had to say. Now, they have decided that they are finally fed up with this news network full of liars.

    CNN is going to lose the hold that they have over their audience, if they have not already. While it gives us no real pleasure to see cities being terrorized by violent protesters, it is interesting to see Biden’s mob turning against their own. A full year of sucking up has gone totally down the drain because CNN could not manage to keep them on their side any longer.

    We wonder what other liberal institutions will feel their wrath before this is all said and done. Biden is clearly going to look the other way on all of this. He’s been pretty quiet since the latest bit of unrest started to take place. His strategy is clear to see. He hopes that everyone else will tire themselves out fighting over it, so that he does not have to step up to the plate and be a strong leader.

    The Biden playbook for these types of occurrences only has one page in it. It says “cross your fingers and hope that the problem goes away on its own.” If you see the Biden White House trying their best to make new proposals that are designed to get the news cycle moving in a different direction, don’t be surprised. This is the only way that they know how to deal with anything that isn’t to their exact liking.


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