Biden’s New Order! Biden’s Militant Wing, BLM, Terrorizes Citizens in Louisville


    Louisville residents were terrorized recently by the newest militant wing of the Democratic party. BLM protesters are still taking to the streets, making life miserable for all those who are unfortunate enough to cross their path. The footage that was released from these recent demonstrations is disturbing, to say the least.

    A man with a very long gun was menacing passerbys. He stood in front of vehicles, letting them know that they cannot pass for any reason. The militants have taken to the streets in order to let the world know about the death of Travis Nagby. He is a local activist who works with the Black Lives Matter organization. He was murdered on Monday.

    The young man was shot during a carjacking. He died at the hospital. The Louisville police department is on the case and their homicide unit is looking into potential causes. “Popular Louisville BLM activist Travis Nagdy was shot and killed last night during a carjacking. His last social media post stated he was on the way to the scene of a fatal police-involved shooting in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville during a traffic stop,” tweeted zerosum24.

    This is a preview of what we are going to be dealing with for the next four years or so. Biden is in power now, so these are the demonstrations that we should come to expect. What happens when the leftists who voted for him are tired of seeing all of this talk without any action? They are bound to turn on him at some point, no matter how much time he spends cuddling up to extremists.

    If these people are not careful, they are going to inspire a major about-face from the judges who are responsible for monitoring the results of the election. Sure, they may be on board with not allowing Trump to become president now but what happens if the violence forces their hand? They could decide to delay the Biden transition until things are under control.

    This is probably wishful thinking at the moment but we can hope, right? Now, the leftists cannot even blame Trump for supposedly inciting the unrest. He’s supposed to be the great divider, the one who is responsible for all of the anger in this nation. Instead, he has been silent ever since the election results stopped going his way.

    We cannot wait to see how the mainstream media manages to pin this one on conservatives. All of the riots and protests that you see in this nation are actually our fault, remember? The leftists who take to the streets to set fires and smash up cop cars are only being influenced to do so by the right-wing and all of those big meanies.

    Stories like these also make us wonder what will happen next. Is the Biden inauguration going to be marred with violence when the leftists do not get their way? Some may not have seen this story in the midst of all the chaos that is going on in our nation but these people are already protesting against him! He hasn’t even made his way to the White House officially yet and they are already turning on him.

    These are the people that Biden wanted to court, though. He did not realize that these wolves would turn on him and eat him alive the first chance that they get. It’s gotten to the point where they are taking to the streets even when police brutality has not taken place. Biden and his cronies need to be monitoring this situation very closely.

    The amount of violence that this nation has seen during a year when everyone is supposed to be indoors is astounding. We shudder to think of what things are going to look like when things start to open back up again. A lot of people with a lot of pent up rage are going to be roaming the streets, looking for scores to settle…


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