Biden’s Sound Stage a Medical Necessity Due to His Inability To Remember


    Ever since Biden took office the American people have wondered what happened to the Oval Office. Had he remodeled it? Did he think his touch could improve on such a classic design? We quickly learned that he didn’t do a thing to the Oval Office. His staffers felt that he would appear more relaxed and normal in a mocked-up studio than he would in the real office. Then again there is a good reason he would be uncomfortable.

    President Biden has proven time and again in his speeches, public remarks, and dealings with the press that he’s only reliable with a teleprompter. While they have small devices, they can use on the road to help him, they limit his exposure time. So, when back in DC they use a stage in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Until a recent piece in Politico, nobody knew for certain why they had done this.

    The piece from Politico explains what we all suspected. “And the White House has largely abandoned using the Oval Office for press events in part because it can’t be permanently equipped with a teleprompter; Biden aides prefer the fake White House stage built in the Old Executive Office Building next door for events, sacrificing some of the power of the historic backdrop in favor of an otherwise sterile room that was outfitted with an easily read teleprompter screen.”

    No sitting president before Biden needed it this badly. From President Trump to President G.W. Bush, to President Kennedy. Some used notes, others stull had people holding note cards much like you’ll see on Saturday Night Live, and others still just remembered what they needed to say and went out there and achieved. Not President Biden though.

    Since the Oval Office cannot accommodate the teleprompter being permanently installed, and he needs a solution he can easily see, the ideas of previous Presidents just didn’t work. By moving him into the teleprompter room they ensured Biden was able to get the notes on his speeches in real-time, and at a size he can read. Sadly, there is no trusting him without one.

    Much like Ron Burgundy (a character from the film Anchorman and probably Will Ferrell’s best character), Biden reads whatever you put on the teleprompter. The problem is his vision is rapidly fading. Recently he was filmed squinting and fumbling with the words on the teleprompter very badly. This isn’t something unexpected from Biden, but it is a sign he needs to change things up.

    The problem is he needs to be on the road more often as of late, and he just isn’t reliable enough to be trusted to give a simple speech without a good teleprompter or to even talk to the press without someone whispering the right responses in his ear. In essence, Biden has truly become what we all thought he was anyways.

    Biden is a puppet. He gets up and says what they want him to say, acts how they want him to act, and smiles and waves. Does he try to get in his little edgy quips like getting smart with the press or trying to make a joke? At times. The problem is nobody is laughing at his jokes, and he’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is at this point.

    The Democratic party can be proud though, they brought in the exact opposite of Trump and everything is different. The economy is in the toilet, the interest rates are skyrocketing, inflation keeps going up, and people can’t even afford gas to get to work or the unemployment office. But hey, no more mean tweets or people trying to claim the President is racist.


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