Biden’s Team Tried to Stop Cruz from Showing Americans the Truth


    There aren’t too many as committed to sharing the truth as Ted Cruz is. He’s a senator who is committed to being honest with his constituents, and the people of Texas are happy to have him.

    Even though our president and vice president can’t be bothered to travel to the southern border, Ted Cruz makes the trip. With a camera in his hand, he shows what’s really going on.

    It’s raw, it’s honest, and the live video that he shared on social media doesn’t lie.

    Cruz wanted to make sure everyone knew what was really happening at the border. The liberal media loves to spin it so that it doesn’t look like a big deal. Yet, what the Texas senator showed was so eye-opening that a Biden staffer stepped in to block him from taking the video.

    Truth hurts. The Biden administration doesn’t want anyone to feel hurt, so they’re not going to show what’s really going on.

    Ted Cruz traveled down to the border with other congressional delegates to send out pictures and videos of what’s happening at the border as well as at the Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) facilities and detention holding areas.

    It showed what the media hasn’t wanted to tell anyone. Cartels were at the river, taunting border patrol agents. CPB facilities were overcrowded, turning into a humanitarian crisis.

    Oh, well that’s not good.

    Rather than applauding Cruz and other senators for showing the truth, the Biden administration panicked.

    Cruz was taking a video inside of a facility in Donna, Texas. The reports are that the facility is intended to hold 80, yet there are 700 people in the pods. As Cruz showed this, a Biden staffer tried to stop him.

    A young aide stepped in front of the camera, repeating “Please give dignity to the people.” She told the Senator to “respect the rules” as though she had no clue whom she was speaking to. He’s aware of the rules – and it’s his right as a senator to maintain legitimate congressional oversight.

    If she had any real understanding of the “rules,” she’d know that the detention facility had broken them when they were allowing hundreds inside instead of the 80 it was designed to hold.

    She wants to talk about dignity when there are people packed together – and in the middle of a global pandemic, no less.

    Ted Cruz shared the videos and he talked about the confrontation on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

    Cruz explained that the “giant tent city” of the Donna facility is designed to hold 1,000 people. However, with COVID restrictions, the capacity is 250. Meanwhile, it’s currently sitting at a capacity of 1500%, housing over 4,000 people.

    As for the spread of COVID? You better believe it. Children were testing positive for the coronavirus at a rate of about 10%. This means that on top of all of the other issues, the Biden administration is helping to spread the virus.

    The Biden staffer that stood in Cruz’s way during the video didn’t identify who she was or who hired her – though Cruz had a few guesses. She was focused on blocking the video being taken rather than talking. Even when Cruz said that he wants to help, she continued to repeat the same few lines as though that were the script that she was given.

    At least we have some truth and some honesty about the border, now. It’s worse than we thought. And the reason for that is because the Biden administration has been lying. They’ve said that it’s not a crisis, yet that’s clearly what it is.

    We have Ted Cruz to thank for the honest portrayal of what’s happening at the border – and with several videos posted to Twitter, it’s easy to see it all live. There’s no way for the liberal media to spin this. What’s happening at the border is wrong on so many levels, and the Biden team is only making it worse.


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