Big GOP Name to Flip New Hampshire in 2022?


    As 2022 and its much-anticipated midterm elections draw ever closer, one state getting a lot of attention is New Hampshire. As you may know, the state is largely considered by most to be a toss-up state given its last two decades of voting habits.

    While the state holds a Republican majority in both state legislative houses and currently has a Republican governor, both of its congressional senators are Democratic, and seven of the last eight general elections have been given to the left, including the last five in a row.

    However, rumor has it that 2022 could change all that, especially if the state’s current Republican Governor, Chris Sununu, decides to run for the Senate.

    Sununu has made quite a name for himself if, in recent years, as governor, holding to conservative beliefs such as being anti-abortion and maintaining the rights of the people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. While states like California made a big deal of mask mandates, social distancing, and keeping businesses closed indefinitely, including houses of worship, under Sununu, New Hampshire retained at least some measure of normalcy.

    In addition, the governor recently signed into law a measure that would forever retain that religious freedoms are protected, no matter what “emergency” or national crisis emerges.

    Naturally, this has made him quite an enemy for the political left, but one that seems impervious to their attacks.

    No doubt, this is both helped and hurt by the fact that he has a number of allies in Washington, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Progressives have already labeled him as the “handpicked” candidate for such ties. And that association may not go over too well with GOP members who believe McConnell is only part of the Washington swamp and the problem.

    Then again, Sununu has also been praised as of late by former President Donald Trump, in particular, for his handling of the COVID pandemic in his state. According to WMUR, the former national leader has said he’d love to see Sununu take a stab at a Senate seat.

    But once again, this possible and potential endorsement could have both bad and good outcomes for Sununu.

    As for whether the governor will actually run, that’s still all up in the air right now. Currently, he’s made no mention of whether or not he’ll throw his hat into the ring for Senate. But it’s still a bit early. Only time will tell.

    In the meantime, it seems as if Sununu is being encouraged to do so from a number of sources.

    And back in New Hampshire, the race seems to be heating up rather quickly, with or without Sununu’s say so. According to NBC, political advertising has skyrocketed recently and become all the rage. The outlet also reports that a whopping $2.9 million has already been spent on the upcoming races. This puts the state on course to be one the most expensive races of the year, especially for such a small state.

    But as everyone knows, a lot is riding on this.

    Currently, both the federal Senate and House of Representatives hold the very slimmest of Democratic majorities. In the Upper House, the sides are evenly set against one another, with 50 for Republicans and 50 for Democratic senators. The only Democratic majority is held by the deciding vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

    In the House of Representatives, the odds are much better for Democrats. Here, a mere 220 seats are taken by the left, and the right has only eight less, with 212.

    As you can imagine, these numbers will make the 2022 midterm elections interesting, to say the very least. Just one or two flipped seats in the Senate could turn the legislative body back to a Republican majority. And not many more would be needed in the House either.

    And with Sununu already being a well-established and strong GOP member, not to mention one who proved he’s not afraid to stand up for liberty, it seems he’s the state’s perfect choice.


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