Bold Liberal Punches 80 Year Old and Shows Their True Colors


    The American people have suffered a lot during the 2020 year. The pandemic pushed by the liberals changed everything, liberals took to the streets to set in motion a surge of violence, and Black Lives Matter protestors started killing people and attacking the elderly. That is what happened to one elderly woman with an age of 80-years-old who was punched in the face by a liberal BLM leader in Massachusetts.

    The attack on the older woman was for reasons that are not clear. The BLM attacker was seen in a video punching the woman in the face. That video has since gone viral and has started an outcry against BLM and their beloved leader.

    Ernest Jean-Jacques Jr. was once honored by the Boston Red Sox at their “Hats off to Heroes” event. This beloved attacker was taken into police custody for his part in the assault of Linda Greenburg. The BLM attacker is charged with attacking the elderly. He will face charges of assault and battery.

    The setting of an attack was a faceoff between Trump supporters and BLM terrorists. Jean-Jacques is seen dancing uncontrollably in front of the Trump supporters, taunting them with a bullhorn. This is when the hero enters the scene. Greenburg made her way to the front of the crowd and stood there.

    At that time, the attacker clinched his first and buried it deep within Greenburg’s face. No one knows what was said to the man that caused him to attack an older adult violently. His actions prove that the liberals will attack any person who stands in their way or takes action against them.

    The violent liberals just cannot stand to sit in the face of the truth that their ways are evil, and no one wants to be controlled by socialist policies and rules. The declaration of war has already been made in the United States by the liberals seeking to destroy freedoms and the American way of life.

    Greenburg is seen in the video shaking and hunched over the fence after she was punched in the face. The attacker hit her so hard that it knocked her out cold and did damage that could not be seen from the video.

    Jean-Jacques fled from the area but was quickly found by the police. He knew what he was doing. He just needed his victim to step up to the striking distance. He then aimed and leveled the old lady without any thought for her life being put in jeopardy. He could have at least tried to help her but instead took off like the coward he is.

    Jean-Jacques should have been held without bail, but he was released back into the public on a $550 bond. Every single attack at counter-rallies has been at the hands of the liberals. Not one Trump supporter has ever started a fight or took the liberty of looting someone else’s business. Liberalism is a terrorist threat to America.

    ItemLive came out and reported that this was the second arrest from this event. They stated that “This is the second arrest of a counter-protester in the past month. On Nov. 19, police arrested Nathan Dinnall, 39, of 104 Newhall St., Lynn, after he tried to take Trump organizer Diana Ploss’ digital camera that she was using to stream the demonstration.”

    People like this cowardly attacker is what is wrong with the Democratic Party. They think that they have to get violent and harm children and the elderly to make their voices heard. It only shows that they know nothing of what it means to be an American and try to change social injustices legally.

    There is no reason for any person to take violent action against another. Especially when that other person is someone in their 80s. Jean-Jacques is just a typical liberal doing a thing that makes himself feel powerful. And if beating up an 80-year-old woman makes him feel special, then he has some serious mental issues that need to be addressed.

    Greenburg did not deserve to be on the receiving end of his fist. But her sacrifice clearly shows who the true hero of this story is as she stood against the tyranny knocking on the doors of freedom.


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