Businesslike and Professional? Taliban Replaces Ministry for Women With Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice


    As the new rulers of Afghanistan, the Taliban is causing quite the stir. Serious changes are being made that affect the more vulnerable members of their population. Women are being told to stay in the house, for fear of reprisal. These women are only able to head outside if they have been escorted by a male relative.

    Boys are able to go to school but girls are being told to stay home. This does not sound very good. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is trying their best to push the idea that this is a new and improved version of the Taliban that we have known about for years. It’s a sad attempt at covering up for Biden and it needs to stop now.

    Afghans are now back to the terrible living conditions that they were experiencing before the United States showed up. Biden does not care about any of that, though. Islamic extremists are free to do whatever they want and there’s nothing that can be done to stop them. The Women’s Affairs Ministry has been removed entirely.

    It has since been replaced by a new department that prioritizes virtue and plans on eliminating vices. AP News paints a harrowing picture of what is currently going on:

    “In Kabul, a new sign was up outside the women’s affairs ministry, announcing it was now the “Ministry for Preaching and Guidance and the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.”

    The staff of the World Bank’s $100 million Women’s Economic Empowerment and Rural Development Program, which was run out of the Women’s Affairs Ministry, were escorted off the grounds, said program member Sharif Akhtar, who was among those being removed.”

    The Biden administration’s State Department and White House press secretary can keep saying all of the right things if they want but we see through the lies that they are telling. The Taliban is the same old same. The White House is playing a dangerous game, as they continue to behave in a more and more naive manner.

    They can lie to the constituents who are dumb enough to vote for them but we know better. The Taliban could not care less about looking progressive on the world’s biggest stages. They are looking to return to the days of yore when women did not have rights. Anyone who thinks that Sharia law will not be taking place here is severely kidding themselves.

    The Taliban is going to exert their will. They will undo all of the advancements that have been made on behalf of women in Afghanistan. Even the news agencies are complicit, as they work tirelessly to continuously promote various bits of propaganda on behalf of the Taliban. The tweets and stories that we have seen are beyond the pale. It is outlandish behavior.

    “A month after the Taliban captured Kabul and swept into power across Afghanistan, people, including women and children, are visiting parks and public places, @Reuters footage shows,” the venerable news organization tweeted. This is how far their tentacles reach at this point. No one is safe from the propaganda outreach program that is taking place at the moment. The worst is yet to come. We’ll leave you with this chilling excerpt from the New York Times:

    “There are already scattered signs that, at least in some areas, the Taliban have begun to reimpose the old order.

    In Herat, in western Afghanistan, Taliban gunmen guarded the university’s gates and prevented female students and instructors from entering the campus on Tuesday, witnesses said.

    In the southern city of Kandahar, women’s health care clinics were shut down, a resident said. In some districts, girls’ schools have been closed since the Taliban seized control of them in November.

    Women there said they were starting to wear the head-to-toe burqa in the street, partly in fear and partly in anticipation of restrictions ordered by the Taliban.”

    Thanks, Joe Biden! Way to go, man.

    Taliban Takeover Complete

    Women are being sent back to the Stone Age….

    Afghanistan is moving backward because of Biden’s idiocy. He does not know what he is doing and the Afghan people are suffering because of it.

    This is not the way it is done. The withdrawal should have taken place in a manner that would not allow the Taliban to vault right back into power.

    Afghanistan is back into the 7th century, all thanks to Sleepy Joe!


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