CA Forms Committee to Determine How Much Blacks in State Are Owed in Reparations…CA Has Never Had Slaves


    According to liberals, if you’re White, you’re a racist. You may not know it but there’s no getting around it. You inherited the gene from you’re long ago deceased ancestors whose names you don’t even know, all of whom surely must have owned slaves. Yep. If you’re White this is you. Isn’t it?

    Some of these liberals are of Irish and Italian descent, and there may have even been a Chinese guy in the woodshed at one time or another. Have they ever opened an American history book? Let’s talk about being treated badly. But there too caught up in the whole Black/White thing to remember the plight of the forgotten.

    This news has to do with the foolishness going on in California. Who’s surprised?  Under Gov. Newsom’s whacky direction, they’ve formed the very first task force to look into reparations. The committee has been given two years to study the matter and determine how much cash should be awarded to every African-American in the country.

    The nine-member committee has taken this upon themselves due to the federal government’s ongoing lack of action. The committee, which includes Newsone and a couple of legislators, is largely comprised of prominent people claiming to be direct descendants of slaves.

    The irony is how these well-to-do Black committee members have in no way suffered as a result of their ancestor’s slavery. They are lawyers, doctors, politicians, and academics fighting for people who had the same opportunities in life as them but failed to take advantage of. And now they want every non-Black American to pay for somebody else’s bad decisions. This is racism in its finest moment. It gets no worse.

    One of the members marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and was one of the guys arrested at the infamous lunch counter in Woolworth. This is not to imply that he is biased or in the least bit prejudiced…You get to be the judge on this one.

    Civil rights attorney Lisa Holder, a committee member and resident of Los Angeles, said, “I’m so thankful to my ancestors, who survived so much trauma, so much pain, so much tragedy, so much brutality so that I could live. And I am ready to fight to deliver them — our ancestors —justice.” And since you can’t sue dead slave owners…

    Another non-surprise is that it was Secretary of State Shirley Weber who came up with this notion and easily convinced Gavin. She sees this as a way to get even for being wronged by history and claims it’s still going on today. However, although our country is chock full of flea markets, slave markets haven’t been around for well over a century.

    Weber pointed out that although Blacks only make up 3% of California’s populace, out of the roughly 250,000 homeless in the state, 30% of them are Black. This was a slick salesperson’s way of not having to say how 70% of them are not.

    California is quick to boast about its second-to-none healthcare and how all state citizens have access to it, rich and poor. Yet Weber cited huge racial disparities in healthcare. The state has long been an active proponent in the integration of schools to assure racial harmony. Weber said the state education system isn’t equal. White kids receive a much better education while in reality attending school with all manner of races.

    Many Californians, just as in other states, are generational. Their families have been firmly planted for many, many, years. As far back as the slave days when California didn’t have any. Not one slave. Why should they have to pay? Why is there even a need for such a committee when their long-forgotten ancestors were innocent?

    As if not bad enough, whatever dollar amount the committee comes up with will be in addition to whatever figure the federal government comes up with. They’re going to be convicted twice for a crime they didn’t commit, which wasn’t even considered a crime at the time it happened.

    We do need to clear up the silly notion that all Black people and White people are equally as prejudiced against one another. This is simply not true. It’s a minority of African-American’s who are making waves, but they’re of tsunami proportions. However, should money be deducted from every non-Black person’s paycheck to pay for something they didn’t do, prejudices will be formed and racism will only grow as a result.

    Nice try California, but you’re only going to make matters far worse. We realize this is a touchy subject, but despite this, we’re anxious to hear your take. Agree or disagree. We don’t care.


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