Cheney’s Big Warning to Trump


    Liz Cheney has decided that she’s ready to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump. In true RINO fashion, she’s decided that she wants to take the man down. She doesn’t want to see him run for president in 2024 and she most certainly doesn’t want to see him get away scot-free for the “insurrection” that took place on January 6 of last year.

    As one of the few Republicans on the panel to investigate January 6, Cheney has taken it upon herself to issue a warning to Trump.

    “He’s not going to turn this into a circus,” she told Chuck Todd on a recent “Meet the Press” on NBC. She and the rest of the committee plan to treat any disposition from Trump with “great seriousness.”

    It’s obvious that Cheney is throwing all of her efforts into showing the world that she isn’t a fan of the former president. What else does she have going for her? She has already lost the election where she will no longer be a part of the House of Representatives.

    The residents of Wyoming made it clear that they weren’t interested in her brand of politics. Her term will end on January 3 when a new Congress begins.

    What this means is that she’s only got a few months left to be a part of the January 6 investigation. If it’s not tied into a nice, clean bow by the time her term ends, she no longer gets to play an active role.

    Of course, those who know her have hinted that she’s not done with her fight. Some have even speculated at her using her time away from Congress to run for president in 2024.

    The likelihood of us seeing Cheney as president is laughable. If she can’t even keep her seat in Wyoming as a Republican, there’s no way that people will vote her in as president. She’s a traitor. Her voter ID card may say Republican, but we all know that she’s a Democrat. Just look at the way she’s been targeting Trump since the very beginning.

    The January 6 committee has issued a subpoena to Donald Trump that forces him to testify. And this may be where Cheney is actually concerned. Many assumed that he wouldn’t show – but Trump has signaled that he will appear. He’s likely eager to put this whole thing to rest, too.

    What’s funny is that Cheney thinks that she’ll be able to prevent Trump from turning the whole thing into a circus.

    Isn’t it, already? I mean, this whole thing is a joke. There was no “insurrection,” and what actions were taken were certainly not caused by Trump.

    If Trump is to blame for the January 6 chaos, then Harris is to blame for half of the riots caused over the summer of 2020 regarding Black Lives Matter.

    Trump didn’t lead the people into the Capitol. If people acted, it was of their own accord – and because they believe, just as Trump did, that the election was stolen. C’mon – Biden won fair and square? Yeah, sure.

    The committee doing all of the investigating is a joke – and they’ve been fabricating lies from the very beginning. At this point, we can’t believe anything that Schiff says, especially with his failed attempts to nail Trump to the cross for his supposed Russian collusion.

    Schiff wants a closed-door deposition. Wouldn’t that be convenient? No one would ever find out what was said behind those doors. Schiff and the rest of the committee would chop everything up and release only the bits and pieces that make it look as though Trump is guilty.

    Sorry, Cheney, but if there’s a circus when Trump shows up, it’s only because he was joining the three-ring that was already in place.


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