Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Acknowledges That Biden’s Spending Plan Will in Fact Cost Money


    By ADragan/

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has finally had to admit that the government failed at the one modest task they are expected to succeed at for a Biden budget: math. The New York Times has taken special interests in this topic, and Ben Harris the assistant secretary for economic policy spoke to them about this.

    “In this one case, I think we’ve made a very strong empirical case for CBO not having an accurate score. The question is would they rather go with CBO knowing CBO is wrong, or would they want to target the best information they could possibly have?” In turn, the White House is asking them to disregard this report, because it pokes holes in what they said.

    What Harris fails to recognize is the American people have seen this as an issue since Biden suggested this insane plan and the CBO has only confirmed the people are right. The data does not lie, and this ‘Build Back Better’ plan will cost American taxpayers money. By only raising $150 billion of the $400 billion the plan calls for with their tax assessments that difference has to come from somewhere. What place could that be? The American taxpayer!!

    To make these costs up they have snuck in provisions to make the IRS bigger to monitor the American people and their money even further. Back in late October Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) explained “The IRS will double in size. It will be more involved in the day-to-day lives of every American…And the result will be an invasion of privacy and the heavy hand of the government squeezing out smaller, more local businesses.” Do we really need to be paying for more Government involvement in our lives?

    The CBO has been exposing fraud waste and abuse in various areas of our government for decades, and this latest crusade against President Biden and his leftist agenda is exactly what America needs. This idea that the people should be afraid of the government or any of its branches is absurd. If you are doing the right thing you shouldn’t have to worry about having your paycheck taken to pay for socialist agendas. You shouldn’t have to worry about them snooping in your bank accounts, emails, or mail.

    Our rights to privacy and the right to being free to make a living are rights that we as Americans take to heart and hang our hats on. People have shed blood and stood ready to die for us to have the freedom and rights to do what we think is right. It is not easy, and for Biden and the rest of his leftist cronies to act like it’s no big deal to strip that away and move us toward relying on the government for our existence is nothing less than shameful.

    America has been the home of the free for decades. People have risked life and limb to get here. Biden has tried welcoming them with open arms and citizenship; thankfully that has been blocked. However we need to take care of the problems we have here now, and more control by the government does not get us there. Biden needs to learn his place and get back on track with the rest of the country. The sooner he realizes Americans won’t stand for this, the better we shall be.


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