Cuba’s Streets Have Erupted in Violence…People Are Dying From Hunger and COVID-19


    Though Cuba lies only 137 miles to the south of Key West, Florida, in between the two is an invisible boundary between 1st-world and 3rd-world. Cuba has always had the resources for becoming a dominant player in world markets with sugar, tobacco products, and coffee, but they’re stingy. Besides, opening those channels would only allow the countries 11,317,597 impoverished citizens to make too much money and then they’d have a real problem on their Communist hands.

    One cigar-smoking fatigue-clad bearded guy by the name of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz is responsible for the tiny tropical nation’s barbed wire fence. Fidel Castro gained power in 1959 and served in one capacity or another with an iron fist until 1976 when he gave the country and everything in it, including the humans, to his baby brother Raul. And here we think the U.S. needs term limits.

    After a brief 62 years of oppression at the hands of the Castro boys, the peasants are revolting. Young and old alike. The young want a taste of something they’ve never had and the old want to relive the days they can barely recall. And they’re getting pretty wound up.

    While spoiled little Raul, their hated dictator by way of nepotism, is living the high life, the serfs are starving in the streets and dying from COVID-19. When is enough is enough? Here’s the answer. Right now. Thousands of pissed-off people from around the country let their anger pour into the streets as they raised their fists in solidarity for the same purpose. End the dictatorship. Pronto before Raul is the only guy left alive.

    All they’re asking for are the basic necessities of life. At least Fidel, may his soul be roasting in hell, gave them that much. Their current plight has reached a crisis level. They desperately need food and they’re demanding the vaccine. Covid-19 is out of control and their already weakened bags of bones are dropping like flies.

    Many of the marches were live-streamed on Facebook. From tiny seaports to Havana, angry protesters on foot, bicycles, and motorcycles made their way through city streets yelling what has become their battle cry, “Patria y Vida” – Homeland and Life. Yet others were heard chanting “Freedom!” and “Down with Communism!”

    A video of protestors packed like sardines as they marched along a narrow road was posted on Facebook by Samantha Regalado as she continually chanted “We are not afraid” in the background. At least 25 separate protests were reported from various locations though there were likely many that went unreported.

    As never before seen in the history of any Communist nation, small or large, images of angry mobs in Havana destroying and overturning police vehicles were posted on social media.

    The last time the streets of Cuba felt the rage of its mistreated citizens was in 1994 when Fidel was still puffing on a stogie. The Malconazo as it was called, was confined to Havana. The former dictator quickly put an end to it by telling the protestors they were free to leave the country but they had to find their own ways out, and flying wasn’t an option.

    Masses of Cubans took to the Straits of Florida on poorly constructed rafts, innertubes, and virtually anything that would float. Some made it. Some didn’t. The U.S. Coast Guard had its hands full. The historical exodus, referenced as the balsero crisis, was the first and the last time Cubans were made this type of offer.

    Miguel Díaz-Canel, the guy appointed to lead the Cuban people, quickly took over all five of Cuba’s national television channels. Visibly shaken, he of course blamed the U.S. by claiming its tightened embargos are meant to “provoke a social uprising” such as what is happening now. Their ultimate plan is to justify sending in the troops, at which time they’ll seize the country and raise an American flag. And this would be bad, how?…

    Cubas hasn’t seen an economic crisis of this magnitude in three decades. Any production value the island nation once offered the world is gone, including what they need internally to survive. Total agricultural sectors have been destroyed without the availability of what was needed to make them thrive and produce. Inflation has busted through the ceiling and hungry people are lined up for blocks just to receive measly portions of what food there is.

    Forget foreign investments altogether. Ain’t happening. Nobody is willing to drop a coin in a losing slot machine, and those who were quit pulling the handle hoping for a jackpot. In the very near future, Cuba’s currency won’t even buy you a hotel on Boardwalk as yet further proof, Communism sucks and it doesn’t work.

    By the way, neither does Socialism no matter how many flowers you paint on it. It kinda sorta leads to Communism so take heed.


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