Democratic Loser in Iowa Race Cries and Demands that the House Vote Her Back into Position


    There is nothing worse than a whiny Democrat after they lose an election by a small margin. These people will stop at nothing to try and weasel their way back into power. And if that means getting more of their colleagues to vote against the will of the people, then that is what they will try and do.

    Rita Hart is the Iowa-based Democrat that is having withdrawals after her loss by only six votes to Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who is also a Republican. Hart’s sinful actions only go on to prove that she loves power and will do anything to keep it. She is even willing to try and unseat her rival by a party vote.

    The Democrats are known cheaters. Hart has appealed her case to the House. She wants them to hear her case about how she should be the one sitting in the House next term and not her Republican rival.

    She is willing to force every Congress member to vote on whether or not she deserves to be in the seat. In other words, she wants to go against the will of the people and install herself in the House. This is something that only a doctorship would allow.

    Hart took to Twitter to post that “Today, I am officially asking the House to ensure every Iowan’s voice is heard in #IA02.”

    Her argument is based on 22 uncounted ballots. But it is just like a Democrat to want to count ballots that are illegal to include in the election. There is a reason why those ballots were never counted.

    Hart states that all those ballots are actually votes for herself. But those ballots had issues. It seems very strange that she would want fraudulent ballots counted for herself. The ballots had seal issues, signatures that were in the wrong place and were not acceptable by the machines for various reasons.

    Her request to have the House consider her sob story goes right in line with what the Democrats did on a national level. They got illegal ballots to be included in a count for Joe Biden.

    Her actions are not the only time a Democrat circumvented the majority vote to get themselves seated. Frank McCloskey would do the same thing in 1985, and he would take the seat from the other Democrat who won the election for that seat. It always about having power with the liberals.

    Her opponent that won the right to sit in the Iowa seat stated that hart “wants Washington politicians to override the will of Iowa voters.” This is a significant issue because it will open the door for all sorts of issues moving forward. This would allow a dominating party to appoint their own people to House positions simply.

    The election count was recounted several times, and in every case, Miller-Meeks won. Hart is a greedy Democrat that cannot accept that she lost. She should be given a trophy for participation and sent home. It’s clear that she never learned how to deal with being a failure.

    Iowan voters determined that they were tired of Hart and wanted someone new to represent them in the House. They wanted someone who would look at for their interests and not their own political career.

    Miller-Meeks went on to mention that “Iowans have decided this election. That decision should not be thrown into Washington’s hyper-partisan atmosphere,. It is shameful that Rita Hart does not have faith in Iowans, and does not respect the decision of Iowa voters.”

    Hart’s actions are a picture of how every Democrat is acting in politics. Nancy Pelosi walks out of meetings with the president because she cannot bully him into doing what she wants him to do. Democrats boycott important votes because they know that they are going to lose, and then they cry about being left out.

    America deserves better than anything that the liberals have to offer. The people are speaking with their votes, and the only way to make a change now is to vote every liberal out of office. The red wave has begun, and there will be nothing that the liberals can do to stop it from taking over.


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