Democratic Mayor Wants to Crack Down on Guns…Just Not the Illegal Ones in Her Home


    Gun control. It’s all you hear about from the left. They don’t want people to own guns. They certainly don’t want people to use guns. Yet, when they have guns, they expect things to be a lot different.

    Mayor Lovely Warren from Rochester, New York is about to learn the hard way that the law does not bend both ways.

    Warren is being arraigned on weapons charges. It turns out that both she and her husband have been charged with criminal possession of a firearm – and that’s a Class E felony.

    Is she not aware of the various laws that require how to possess a firearm? Considering that’s all you hear out of the mouths of liberals, you would expect her to know how to obtain and maintain a firearm.

    Two weapons were found during a search of the Warren Home by New York State Police. They found a pistol and a rifle. Oh, and neither were registered to the mayor or her husband.

    There are a few charges that pair with the Class E felony that she has – and that includes two counts of failing to lock/secure the firearms in a dwelling. Further, she and her husband are facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child. A 10-year-old was found alone in the home when officers arrived.


    The mayor is identifying the exact reason why added gun control laws are being demanded by the liberals. People aren’t following the existing laws. If everyone would follow basic laws now, there wouldn’t be a problem. Instead, Warren is literally contributing to the problem.

    Since the guns in her home aren’t registered to her or her husband, they were likely acquired without a background check. They weren’t locked, which means that the child could have walked over and shot themselves with the guns. Oh, and since a 10-year-old was at home alone with unlocked and unlicensed guns, literally anyone could have broken in and obtained those guns – and who knows what they could have done with a rifle and a pistol.

    Perhaps the worst part of this story is that Lovely Warren is already aware of the dangers of guns. After all, she ran on a platform during her time in office regarding “illegal weapons.” Shouldn’t she know better?

    Or, is it that the mayor believes that the illegal weapons only apply to other people? Is she above the law? Well, she is a Democrat, and we all know how Democrats love to set rules for some Americans but don’t believe that the rules apply to them.

    Only five years ago, Warren stood on the platform to say, “The increase of illegal guns on our streets, combined with the willingness to use them, has shown itself to be a deadly recipe.”

    She’s absolutely right. What people didn’t expect was to learn that she was one of the people who were in possession of illegal guns.

    She lost her primary race in June of this year, so her term ends at the end of 2021. It’s probably lucky for her that she lost already. If the elections hadn’t already occurred, she would have lost on these grounds. After all, there’s nothing voters hate more than a hypocrite.


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