Democrats Seek to Hurt Kids With More COVID-19 Lockdowns


    The only people who do not have a problem harming a child are a terrorist and a Democrat. The restrictions being passed down from the liberals regarding COVID-19 are not protecting the children; they are destroying them. Children are being kept from interacting with each other and are being told they cannot play sports. And they cannot even attend school. These are all harmful things that kids do not need happening to them during their formative years.

    Billy Shore is the Executive Director of Share Our Strength. He stated that “We’re going to almost need a New Deal for an entire generation of kids to give them the opportunity to catch up. We don’t even know what we’re going to be dealing with.”

    It will not be hard to guess what kind of effects will spill out of the kids as they mature. They will have a hard time socially interacting, they will fall behind in education, and they certainly will have lost physical ability since they are forced to lay around all day.

    Every objection to opening up the schools has failed to consider what is in the child’s best interest. Instead, they focus on the well-being of the teacher. If masks work so well at protecting people, then make teachers wear them and let the kids roam free. After all, health officials are claiming that young kids are not going to get the virus.

    These arguments are coming from liberals that are afraid to step out of their homes during the day. Every liberal school district has overreacted and closed itself down because of the fake reports that are coming from the media.

    They even ignore Dr. Anthony Fauci and what he recommends. These liberal nut cases believe that they know more than the officials that are telling people not to lockdown any longer. The effects of lockdowns are far worse than the virus can ever give.

    The media also states that drug and alcohol use has come down in kids. They state facts that hard to measure since there is no one in the schools to test them out. And yet, there is a measurable health issue that can be measured, which is mental health issues. There has been a 24 percent increase in emergency room visits related to mental health emergencies in kids ages 5 to 11.

    It has also been discovered that there are now 6 million kids not getting enough food because some of the only meals they get are at the schools. And it is reported that 17 million are in danger of not having any food to eat.

    Virtual learning has not panned out the way everyone thought that it would. These kids have no social interaction. And now that there is no accountability for kids to be in school, 10 percent of kids have attendance issues.

    Bethany Gross from the University of Washington stated that “Recovery from Katrina wasn’t a one-year recovery. We didn’t just bring the kids back and everything fell into place. And this will be the same. I don’t think we can just start school next fall and say, ‘Everything’s going to be OK.’” To think that things will go back to normal is wishful thinking. The kids will have to adjust to being with each other.

    Barbara Duffield, who is with the SchoolHouse Connection, stated that “If we fail to address this, we’re just compounding trauma. We’re compounding loss. A student who is homeless, who has a disability, who has been traumatized by the racial violence we’ve seen this year, and then to be disconnected from arguably the only universal support system is disastrous.”

    There are people all over the country, telling everyone that opening needs to happen. Duffield also noted that “It means higher rates of suicide. Higher rates of depression, addiction, mental illness and physical disability, particularly for young children who are growing and developing right now. They’ll face more developmental delays leading to deficits in their education as they grow.”

    Liberals love to hurt kids any way that they can. It makes them feel powerful and in control. In every case, they are no better than the schoolyard bully looking for his next victim.


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