Democrats Seek to Put the Screws to Texans with New Bill Forcing People Not to Defend Themselves


    The dark truth behind Democrat gun control and self-defense control is scary. Every time a person has to use a weapon to defend themselves or fight off an attacker, there is a liberal trying to blame the victim for protecting themselves from harm. They act like there was another method that could have been used to make the attacker back off.

    But the truth of the matter is that when an attacker is approaching, any other choice no longer exists. Terry Meza may not be a loony Democrat, but that does not mean she has not bought into their dangerous doctrines.

    She is trying to get the Texas state legislature to pass a bill that would make it illegal for a person to defend themselves or their kids from an attack from another person. According to one source, it was noted that the bill is “…a very worrying piece of legislation was introduced by Irving State Representative Terry Meza. HB 196 seeks to repeal the Castle Doctrine, preventing a homeowner from using firearms to defend their property.”

    Meza is playing right into the hands of the socialist liberals who want to make it a crime for people to stand up to evil. This begins to open the door for Democrats and socialism to creep in. This makes it a little easier for the liberals to enact gun control and disarm the innocent.

    The bill takes away a person’s right to use deadly force when they are being robbed or victims of aggravated robbery. This just makes it easier for the criminal to commit their crime. If there is no fear of retaliation to criminals, they are just empowered to continue to rob people because nothing will happen to them as long as they do not get caught by the cops.

    The bill does allow deadly force to be used when it is a matter of life or death. At least there was some common sense left in Meza’s little brain. After all, no one wants to have a gun pointed at them and not be able to do something about it.

    The striking part of this bill is that when a theft occurs, deadly force is not to be used. But Meza also takes away the physical act of contact. This means that the victim cannot touch the criminal. They cannot grab them by the arm or force them to stop robbing the victim.

    The insanity of this bill just rings with socialism and a Democratic takeover at some point in the future. The person committing the crime would have to be the one to make the first contact for the victim to be able to put a bullet in him to stop the violence to their personhood.

    The bill also has a significant issue when deadly force is authorized. The victim is to flee first. This is a significant problem because, by the time a person thinks to flee, it is usually too late to run. The criminal will already be in close contact to the point that any attempt to run means getting shot in the back.

    There is not a victim that can run fast enough to get away from a speeding bullet. Once the victim has seen the perpetrator’s face, the criminal is going to want to do something about that witness that can identify them.

    Victims have the right to defend themselves. It is included in the very documents that govern America. People have the right to live in happiness and live in a place that is safe and secure.

    One of the reasons Democrats hate gun owners so much is that those guns will defend one’s livelihood. When the socialist comes to take all the victim’s hard-earned money to give it away, they will be unable to get in the door because of the weapons used to put into fighting the enemy of freedom.

    Meza’s bill is an open door for the Democrats to take away personal freedoms. It should not be allowed to be passed because it is just another way to disarm victims and enable criminals to cause more harm to innocent people.


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