Demon Loving Democrats in Hot Water With Support Base for Being Hypocrites


    The hypocrisy of the self-proclaimed liberal gods hangs around their necks like a millstone. Californians are suffering worse because of the insanity of Gavin Newsom. His defiant attitude and failure to listen to the Golden State citizens are leading him down a path of destruction.

    COVID-19 has allowed the Democratic, progressive, a way of hurting people with business lockdowns and mask-wearing. He orders people to stay home and avoid contact with family while he gets to live it up and party like nothing is wrong in the world.

    Newsom is not the only hypocrite acting like a spoiled brat. London Breed of San Francisco likes to party with the royal elite. But these actions and more are reasons why Newsom is facing a recall threat from the very people he is supposed to serve.

    The Demonic western Democrats are not alone as their eastern cultists engage in much of the same deadly deeds. The Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo ordered people to stay home wearing a mask so she could parade themselves in public without wearing one. Raimondo waves her fist at people violating her rules, and yet she engages in the same behavior as the ones she punishes.

    The rhetoric of “stay home, save lives” is a Democratic ploy to scare people into staying at home. The demonic royals just want to clear the streets, so they do not have to rub shoulders with the common folks. Raimondo even overstepped her authority by stating, “stay home except for essential activities & wear a mask anytime you’re with people you don’t live with.”

    These liberal demons love to go out of their way to attend dinners, participate at country club gatherings, and to take long vacations to hot zones that are banned from entering. But demons never obey their own rules.

    Even the lustful Mayor of Austin Steve Adler was found violating serious lockdown rules. He hosted his daughter’s wedding that had over 20 people in attendance. He then entered into his private jet and left for Mexico for a vacation. He is living it up while everyone else had to cancel their weddings and lock themselves behind their doors.

    Adler would return to the city and log into his Zoom account and apologize for dumping on everyone. But he was not remorseful or regretful in any way. He had just got back from a nice vacation. His apology was filled with sarcastic laughs and taunting.

    The list of cultist leaders continues to grow. Demon lover Michael Hancock of Denver told everyone to stay at home by using his cell phone. He was at the airport boarding a plane to fly home to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. He certainly did not care because he justified his trip by believing it was safer to fly alone.

    And then the cult leader John Bel Edwards ate outdoors when it was ordered that outdoor dining was to cease. He had his team lie for him as they would claim that he was “not in violation of his own orders.” And “he had his mask on the entire time that day, except for when he was eating.” But he was eating as he stood up and spoke to another patron?

    Joe Biden just could not stay off the cultist list as he promoted partying after his fraudulent election night win. He urged Chuck Schumer, Lori Lightfoot, and others to party mask less all night long. A blatant disregard for rules supposedly in place to protect everyone from COVID-19.

    The demonic Democrats believe they are somehow special and immune to the land’s laws and rules: their defiance demands scrutiny and removal from office. Liberals are the most significant threat this country has seen in the past decade. They care more about locking up businesses and letting their followers murder people than making America great and protecting citizens.

    President Trump has been fighting for what is right for the past four years. He is the president of law and order. And under no circumstances will he allow people to destroy what generations have fought and died to protect secretly. The United States is the greatest nation ever to exist that has helped so many people worldwide.


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