Doom Sweeps the Democratic Party As Biden’s Popularity Hits an All-Time Low…All They Have for 2024 Are These Two Clowns


    Joe Biden was strutting like a rooster when he arrived in New Hampshire to promote his $1 trillion infrastructure package. For added effect, the auspicious event was held at the foot of a crumbling bridge. But while Biden was flashing his dentures, not everyone was in a celebratory mood. His political entourage is concerned about what comes next. Biden stuck all his eggs in this one basket while ignoring virtually every other crisis, of which there are many, and as a result, whatever remaining popularity he has is rapidly slip-sliding away.

    Longtime Biden supporter, former state House Speaker Steve Shurtleff who was at the ceremony said “Democrats are concerned.” He said Democrats have been whispering in the hallways for months about how weak Biden’s political standing has become after less than a year in office. Unless something drastic were to happen, which is doubtful, the 2024 elections aren’t looking so good for them.

    Vice President Kamala Harris is watching her own political aspirations crumble as some polls suggest she’s even less popular than her boss. Chosen only for her race and gender, she complains that Biden won’t give her anything of substance to do. He won’t allow her to have any shining moments. She’s a token who got him elected and now she knows it.

    Biden released Harris from her office long enough to give her first solo speech in Ohio where she promoted the infrastructure package. In preparation for her visit, a large union hall was chosen to accommodate the anticipated crowd that didn’t show up. Of those who did come to hear her, there was nary a political dignitary in the bunch. 

    The politicians had all taken off for D.C. to attend the White House’s yearly turkey pardon which took place on the same day. A great time was had by all, the exception being Kamala Harris who Biden conveniently ushered out of town.

    Harris received a few polite handclaps when she said, “In America, we have the courage to see beyond the crisis – to believe that the future we imagine is possible – and then, to build it.” Blah…blah…blah…

    Biden has made it clear that he’ll seek reelection, but at 79 years old, that may or may not happen. Either way, in 2024, the Democrats are going to crash and burn. Biden would receive the least amount of votes in American history, and there aren’t any other strong contenders to nominate. On the other hand, several Republicans such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis have risen to stardom and could easily overtake whoever the Dems throw at them.

    Two possibilities would be Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey. Booker is already sipping martinis with all of the right people as if he’s planning on making an as-of-yet unannounced run. Since NH plays host to the first presidential primary election, Booker plans on attending a fundraising shindig scheduled for next month.

    Bill Burton, a Democratic strategist who worked under Obama, said that any number of things could make or break the political climate over the next three years. The absolute worse scenario they could face would be the reemergence of Donald Trump. 

    Biden still has a chance to turn his popularity around but it’ll take a miracle like fixing the economy, ending the pandemic, or solving the border crises, but first, he has to begin working on those things. 

    Burton said, “There’s such a unanimity around the idea that Democrats are completely doomed. Maybe things aren’t as bad as the chattering class seems to think they are.” Then again, maybe they are Mr. Burton. Maybe they are…


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