Even Asian Americans Are Turning Their Backs on Biden and Other Democrats


    For decades the Democrats have been able to count the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) populations among the people who they don’t have to target in their campaigns. Rather, the votes seem to naturally roll in for them as a by-product of their campaigning towards minorities from the outset.

    This time around, that voting group isn’t as locked in as they were previously. Garin-Hart-Yang Research ran a new poll to see how the midterms could be faring, and their support for Democratic candidates dropped from 56% to 51%, with Republicans rising from 34% to 36% when compared to previous results.

    Naturally, these results were first sent to several major Democratic-affiliated political organizations. This included Priorities USA Action (the largest Democrat-supporting Super PAC), Emily’s List, NARAL Pro-Choice America which fund pro-abortion political candidates, and the National Education Association, the largest labor union in the United States. Given the wide-reaching implications of this shift, alerting them should surprise no one.

    In the 2016 and 2020 elections, there was also a 7% shift in poll responses, and over that time the right has taken back 14% of these poll figures since Trump was elected. Given the extra efforts by the GOP to reach the non-white voters and reassure them that the Republican party is not only for everyone, but it is by everyone. Meanwhile, the Democrats offer up Andrew Yang as a sacrificial lamb so they can try to garner the Asian vote.

    Given the surge in the AAPI voter base, they deserve to have attention from both parties, and with the GOP embracing them as the brothers that they are, it makes it impossible for the antics of the left to stay looking like a good thing. Currently, the AAPI has 13.2 million registered voters, with strong representations in Georgia (253,000 voters) and Nevada (215,000 voters), where they comprise 10% of the electorate.

    With a recent push from the right for greater parental rights in school and opposition towards transgender teachings and affirmative actions, it speaks right to the heart of the AAPI people. For years whenever leftists would speak of minorities’ rights, they would focus on black and brown-skinned groups, and exclude the AAPI and the struggles they go through. This has given Republicans a back door to slip in, and they have made the best use of it.

    Nainoa Johsens, an RNC spokesperson and its director of Asia Pacific Media, spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation where he explained that “Republicans continue to make inroads,” which will help them to “take back the House and Senate with APA voters providing the margin of victory in key races.”

    It may be strange for some AAPI to abandon the left, but they are starting to see just how much woke activism has left them behind. Recently there were plans to dump a homeless “megaplex” right into the middle of Seattle’s Chinatown district. Those who live and work there claim that nobody ever came and spoke to them. Nobody ever got their input.

    In their minds, the Democrats are missing in action, and don’t care about them. As such, they are tired of giving them their votes while they are being ignored. As the AAPI population soars, the right will be best served to not only campaign for them, but to include them at the table. That voter base won’t get any smaller. After all the COVID-based hate (largely from other minorities) that has resulted in no action being taken by leftist leaders, can you blame them for walking away?


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