Expressions Say It All…and the One on This Victims Face Says Andrew Cuomo Is a Lecherous Dirtbag


    When the legendary singer James Brown released his hit song “It’s a Mans World” in 1966, this may have been more the case. But times have changed. The Me Too movement has given courage to thousands of victimized women who have remained silent for too long, and they’re telling on people.

    No man who has ever wielded his power in the form of a sexual advance is exempt. They range from gym instructors to actors to politicians to all else in between.

    Some of the names we’ve heard thus far were expected while a few of them hit us smack between the eyes. In the “no surprise” category there is a new contender. His name is Andrew Cuomo and he happens to govern The Big Apple, NYC.

    Cuomo has a habit of throwing his power around to get what he wants, which according to several recent allegations, includes women. The horrified look on one of his female victim’s faces was captured on film at the exact moment of one such advance.

    While attending a wedding reception in 2019, Cuomo zeroed in on one of the guests, Anna Ruch, even going as far as placing his hands on her cheeks and asking permission to kiss her. Snap went a friend’s camera.

    When Jodi Kantor with the “NY Times” was just recently shown the photo she didn’t hesitate to post it on Twitter with the following words. “Breaking: A third woman has accused Cuomo of over-the-line behavior. Incredibly, a photographer caught the moment, and this look on her face.”

    Cuomo is well known for his enormous ego and self-centeredness. But at long last, his behavior towards women may soon become his downfall. Ruch, now 33, is not the first woman who has found the fortitude to come forward. She’s the third.

    All three women have horrid tales of Cuomo’s inappropriate and non-consensual sexual advances. They also share a common trait. Cuomo is old enough to be their grandfather. Two of the women are former-aides to the governor.

    Ruch said she had met Cuomo for the very first time at the reception. Within seconds of being introduced Cuomo took the liberty of placing his hand on her lower back. The stunned Ruch quickly removed it to signal her disapproval.

    Upon doing so, Cuomo actually leaned in closer, telling her she seemed “aggressive.” As if trying to console her, Cumo then placed both of his hands on her cheeks as he gently asked her if he could kiss her. But his words weren’t spoken gently enough. They were overheard by a friend who 100% backs the story up.

    As the governor began leaning in closer to Ruch’s face as if to ram his tongue down her throat, she managed to pull away from his grasp. Nonetheless, his lips still managed to slobber on one of her cheeks. Ruch said she was “confused and shocked and embarrassed,” by the entire scene.

    But the photo depicts way more than the wretched moment caught between Ruch and Cuomo. The expression of horror and disbelief on Ruch’s face is indicative of the gut-wrenching feeling that continues to be felt by thousands of women every day. And by the far greater number of women who have already experienced the trauma. The photo sums it all up. No words required.

    Here is what Ruch said disturbed her the most. “I didn’t have a choice in that matter. I didn’t have a choice in his physical dominance over me at that moment. And that’s what infuriates me.”

    This is but one of the alleged accusations against Cuomo. The other two women’s stories are likely to be as equally abhorrent. As this developing news continues, Cuomo may end up facing an entire courtroom full of female victims as this rolling stone pick up more moss. Would you be surprised?


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