Fourth Grader Schools Educators as Teachers Live Hypocrisy Before Students


    The liberal schoolteachers at an elementary school in Florida had the jaws busted by a fourth grader that showed up at a district meeting. He had legitimate concerns about how the school was handling the mask mandate that they are imposing on all school kids in the school. His words of wisdom exposed the hypocrisy of the teachers and those that would punish students for diapering their faces.

    The school’s handling of the mask ordeal is anything but fair, as told by this little student. The way that it is being enforced is so inconsistent and unbalanced that it appears the schoolteachers are getting their joys from punishing the kids. This young man came out and spoke, demanding that the mask mandate in his school be lifted and allowed to be optional for students and teachers alike.

    The Martin County School District had their brains punched out by this young man that has put together the hypocrisy of the teachers and administration. The students and some teachers have some genuine grievances about how the mandate is being handled and pushed on people struggling with their health.

    For some reason, the board believes that the virus is still an issue even though the science supports a different narrative. The young speaker brought to light that the school year is different than the one from last year. He knew of the danger then but now is questioning the logic of the rules given that the threat of virus is no longer around.

    The young man expected to see a different kind of school year than the previous year. But he did not expect to see a school turned into a kid prison. The rules have been in place for over a year, and he was pointing out that people were having trouble breathing because of the masks. And the facial diapers were affecting his ability to test well.

    The sad part of the report is how the teachers were treating the students. One teacher was tasked with the job of policing the students. The teacher would walk around, and any student that did not have their mask on just right was written up and given a detention. The teacher would yell at students and tell them to pull their masks up while drinking water.

    The boy stated that “She told us we had to wait until we were in our parent’s car to have a drink of water. She had her mask down the entire time while she was yelling at us, which makes me and all my friends very mad.”

    The power-drunken teacher would leave her mask off while at the same time yelling at the students to put theirs on. There was a different standard for the teachers than there was for the students. The teachers could take their masks off, but the students had to keep theirs on at all times. And it did not matter if they were on the brink of passing out or not.

    The boy did note that his teacher has asthma and could relate to the torture she was going through as she would try and breathe. At least one teacher that students cared for, as he would point out that she should have had the option of wearing one or not.

    But in all fairness, the same right should be given to every person to decide how their health should be cared for. The kids should be given the right to choose what is best for them. And since science says they are the least likely to get the virus, they should not have to wear one at all.

    The young man rightly pointed out that “I have allergies and I feel really anxious with my face covering but I’m not allowed a mask break like her, it seems unfair. All of this seems unfair, and it doesn’t make sense.” And people that do not have asthma or allergy issues will never understand the struggle it takes to breathe through another filter.

    A fourth-grader recognizing the ridiculous pandemic rules still in place should be a wake-up call to school leaders. These kids work hard all day and are not even allowed to play at recess. They cannot even look at each other over the lunch hour. They indeed are in a school prison.


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