Georgia Dem Candidates Checkered Past May Help Republicans Keep the Senate…the Jewish Community Is Outraged


    It’s all up to the Peach State. If the good citizens of Georgia fail to carry the Republican torch to the finish line, the U.S. Senate will fall into the eagerly awaiting hands of the Democrats, as America’s long-traditional values reach the pinnacle of destruction.

    Two key Senate races are rapidly approaching and it falls on Georgians to get off of their butts or risk losing control of the highest legislative chamber in the land. But fortunately, as of late, conservative voters in the state are getting some much-needed help.

    With scandals popping up to the left and right of Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock, his chances of winning the crown might be rapidly dwindling.

    Warnock, 51, for the past 15 years has served as senior pastor at Atlanta’s very large-membered Ebenezer Baptist Church. He’s running against Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler who has been struggling to hold on to her elected position.

    Warnock has some heavy hitters in his corner to include former presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. He has also received endorsements from a great number of his highly liberal comrades, inclusive of Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown, Kirsten Gillibrand, Jeff Merkley, Chris Murphy, and Brian Schatz.

    Here comes the highly anticipated, but. The only reason these powerhouse politicians are getting behind Warnock is to win the Senate. They don’t care one iota what happens to Georgia once he’s elected.

    In fact, they wish they had someone different to toss their support behind considering how Warnock is a scandalous mess.

    Since entering the Senate race, Warnock has been pandering to the Jewish community in hopes of securing their much-needed support. His plan was going well until a video recently surfaced showing Warnock sweating from the pulpit as he was fervently preaching of how Israel is linked to racism.

    During his Palm Sunday sermon in 2015, Warnock maliciously compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to George Wallace, the biggest stain of racism to ever govern the state of Alabama.

    Immediately following Netanyahu’s victory in the Israeli elections of 2015, Warnock, leaning hard against his pulpit, said he had heard a “very clever politician running for re-election as prime minister suddenly announce ‘No two-state solution.’” Warnock had been referring to, of course, Netanyahu, who only days prior to the election had announced the nonviability of such a solution.

    “That’s tantamount to saying, ‘occupation today, occupation tomorrow, occupation forever,’” Warnock preached, using Wallace’s exact racist words from 1963 when he called for “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

    This was not Warnock’s only go-around with this subject. He toured the Middle East in 2019 with a group of African American church leaders. Upon his return, he claimed to have witnessed Israel using tactics, not unlike those that proved highly successful for apartheid South Africa and Germany. He recklessly spewed about how he had seen “patterns that seem to have been borrowed and perfected from other previous repressive regimes.”

    When Hamas terrorists struck the Israeli border in 2018, Warnock unjustifiably and without verification claimed the Israeli government had shot down “unarmed Palestinian sisters and brothers like birds of prey … like they don’t matter at all.”

    But these days Warnock says he has changed his beliefs and is now a “friend” of Israel. But we know it’s a political lie. He wants to win, and the Democrats need him to. It’s that simple.


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