Ghislaine Maxwell Transferred to Quarantine Amid Positive Testing at Federal Prison Where She is Being Held


    Ghislaine Maxell continues to spend her time behind lock and key in a federal prison located in Brooklyn, New York. For Maxwell though, life is not nearly as bad as it is for other inmates at the same facility. But then again, Maxwell has not as yet been convicted of anything.

    Considered to be a flight risk and a key witness to one of the biggest crimes to ever rock the world of its wealthiest elite, Maxwell isn’t going anywhere. As the right-hand person to her dearly departed pimp Jeffrey Epstein, she has the goods on hordes of wrinkled up old guys with a preference for raping young underage girls.

    But Maxwell is not being kept in prison only because she knows who might have done what, she’s being held for her own involvement in Epstein’s non-stop pedophile party. For her participation in recruiting and grooming these girls in the art of satisfying the twisted pleasures of their paying customers, she’s been charged with conspiracy and the enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sexual acts.

    Prosecutors said that because a staff member at the Metropolitan Detention Center where Maxwell is being held has tested positive for the coronavirus, the prison has enacted quarantine measures previously put in place in case of an outbreak.

    Though Maxwell has tested negative for Covid-19, the prison is taking no chances. She’s been moved into quarantine where she will remain in total isolation for two weeks. She will then be retested prior to her resuming any activity.

    Presently, because of no conviction, Maxwell is allowed to spend multiple hours, three days per week, with one or all of her five attorneys. She has access to a computer and is afforded unlimited phonecalls. She is allowed to roam freely about the outside grounds for one hour each morning between 7 am and 8 am.

    “During her time in quarantine, the defendant will be housed in the same cell where she was already housed before she was placed in quarantine, and medical staff and psychology staff will continue to check on the defendant every day. Like all other MDC inmates in quarantine, the defendant will be permitted out of her cell three days per week for 30 minutes. During that time, the defendant may shower, make personal phone calls, and use the CorrLinks email system,” prosecutors wrote.

    “In addition, the defendant will continue to be permitted to make legal calls every day for up to three hours per day. These calls will take place in a room where the defendant is alone and where no MDC staff can hear her communications with counsel.”

    Several new agencies have reached out to Maxwell’s attorney’s but they have all refused to respond.

    Maxwell has been in the federal prison since July 2 when she was arrested in New Hampshire for her connection with Epstein’s sexual crimes. Prosecutors in the case have revealed how Maxwell helped Epstein with the abuse of young underage girls for at least three years between 1994 and 1997. She is facing up to 35-years in jail.

    Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Maxwell’s attorney had early on asked for her to be released on a $5-million bond. The attorneys wrote, “The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented health risk to incarcerated individuals, and COVID-19-related restrictions on attorney communications with pretrial detainees significantly impair a defendant’s ability to prepare her defense. Simply put, under these circumstances, if Ms. Maxwell continues to be detained, her health will be at serious risk and she will not be able to receive a fair trial.”

    The judge, who agreed with the prosecutor’s concern of how her wealth and high-roller connections throughout the free-world made her a huge flight risk, denied the request.

    Once Maxwell’s life in lockup returns to as normal of a routine as it can be, she will continue her fight for freedom in a trial that is slated to take place next year.


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