Gold Star Families Infuriated by Biden’s Idea of Giving Illegal Immigrants $450,000- $1,000,000 Just for Coming Here and Breaking the Law Doing So


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    As you likely read, Biden wants ‘reparations’ for illegal immigrants who were separated under the Trump administration in the amount of $450,000 PER PERSON or roughly $1,000,000 per family. His allegations that this is the right move are sickening, and people across the nation have been disgusted by the promise to give away taxpayer money. This is one of the biggest slaps in the face to the members of the Gold Star Families.

    For those unaware, a Gold Star Family is something no American would ever want to become. It signifies that you have lost a family member in a military conflict overseas. Often a child or spouse, the pain that comes from these losses is simply unfathomable.

    Upon notification of death, the family is given a $100,000 ‘death gratuity’ check to start going forward with their funeral arrangements. Additionally, service members are offered (and strongly encouraged) to sign up for a $400,000 life insurance policy that balloons up to $500,000 while deployed. These checks take a bit longer to process.

    To give away the same amount (or in many cases more) to people who came here illegally is nothing less than disgraceful, and one Gold Star father, in particular, is speaking up about it. David Horton, lost his son Army SPC Christopher Horton, in Afghanistan in 2011.

    Speaking with Fox News Horton said “I think it’s another — yet another insult … against our military families and Gold Star families and veterans’ families…It’s just another slap in the face. It’s completely disrespectful.”

    He’s right, it is disrespectful, and Biden knows it. This watch checking at a distinguished transfer should have better knowledge of how to treat military families. His own sons served; albeit in very different manners. While Beau served with honor and died from a brain tumor and completed a tour in Iraq as well as years of public service. The younger son Hunter left the Navy after daddy pulled strings due to him testing positive for cocaine.

    Just like Biden knew the sacrifices his son Beau made to perform his duties, Horton knows these same sacrifices a trillion times over. He knows how insulting Biden’s giveaway is and he makes no bones about it.

    “To compare an illegal person who has broken our country’s border laws … they’ve broken the law coming in on our borders and to compare that with someone, a patriot like my son, who gave his all on the battlefield of Afghanistan, and to just say, ‘Oh well, the value is more for someone who has broken our laws’ … and now to say, ‘Oh, we owe you money — and it’s more money than we would pay a patriot — I am outraged.”

    We don’t owe them anything except for a ride back home. This idea of ‘your country is falling apart, and you have no skills, come here’ needs to end. Our systems for supporting them are overtaxed, we have too many of them here now, and we have too many Americans out of work as it is. By giving them more money we are encouraging more to come here.

    More to the point, the public knows just how horrible the Government has been at collecting and keeping records of people who came here illegally. There is no guarantee the names are correct or even their legal names. As such, what’s to prevent someone who came here illegally who wasn’t in a separated family from claiming the money? It’s a loophole that is not only incredibly insulting, but it makes a mockery of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

    Given how the Government abandons those who come home, provides them with substandard medical care at the VA (if they can get rated), and leaves them to rot, he needs to concentrate on fixing that; not throw money at illegal immigrants.


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