Here’s the Real Deal Behind the Baby Formula Shortage…It Isn’t What You Think


    “It isn’t the government’s fault there’s a baby formula shortage.” “It’s a supply chain issue.” “They’re sending it all to those immigrants.” “Don’t go blaming Biden.” These are only several of the innumerable thoughts and excuses coming from the mouths of we presumptive Americans of why goat’s milk is flying off the shelves. It’s the closest thing to mother’s milk. Even more so than the preferred choice of baby formula which isn’t on shelves.

    The deafening uproar over the baby formula shortage has prompted lawmakers to dig deeper into the reasons. Something else had to be going on, and sure enough, they found out what it was. It was them. The U.S. government. 

    A federal nutrition program for women, infants, and children, known as WIC, has thrown favoritism to only two U.S. manufacturers of baby formula. Here’s where the problem arises. These two manufacturers supply 90% of the formula being purchased for WIC, which makes up more than half of the formula being produced and sold by every smaller manufacturer in the U.S. combined.

    Now that the lightbulb’s been illuminated, lawmakers are in a panic about how to fix the ongoing problem before the screaming public shatters their eardrums. 

    Adding to the dilemma, following the pandemic and the downfall of the economy under the Biden administration, one of the manufacturers under contract was forced out of business. 

    Congress responded to the cries of desperation by saying they’re kind of busy right now. Their political will has been zapped and they’re too busy putting out daily fires to be overly concerned.

    They are, however, concerned for WIC recipients who need the formula more than someone who makes enough money to buy the product that isn’t available to them. Ya might wanna read that again.

    The best way to get the stuff would be to quit your job, but then you’d be subjected to subsidized housing, free medical care, having to use food stamps to buy your steaks, and a host of other humiliating freebies. But at least your baby would be eating right.

    Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-Conn.) said, “It is horrible that in this country, we have a baby milk shortage. I think we have to respond to that and then revisit the way we’re structuring these contracts.” 

    Hayes, along with Reps. Michelle Steel (R-Calif.) and Bobby Scott (D-Va.), took matters into their own hands by managing to get a new WIC bill for $28 million in emergency spending passed by the House. It easily slid through with a 414 to 9 vote.

    So, America’s lawmakers have once again come to the rescue! Well…for WIC recipients anyway. The millions in cash will allow the feds to step up enough production at various smaller manufacturers to keep the FDA’s shelves stocked with good old imitation mamma’s milk. 

    They’re pulling a Robin Hood with the exception of avoiding the middle man. They won’t have to steal any formula from those who can afford it to give to those who can’t. They just won’t make it available.

    Generosity begins at home and it should be a willful gesture if it’s extended elsewhere. But in this case, our government made the decision on behalf of the poor working stiffs of America that their babies aren’t as deserving of proper nutrition, because…they work. ‘Murica. 


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