Hunter Biden’s Comments on his ‘Art’ Confirms Conservatives Fears About the First Son’s Business


    First son Hunter Biden has been raising eyebrows for months with his newfound calling in life of making what art critics have called “hotel lobby” level art, and selling it for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Criticism only increased when it was discovered that the White House helped President Joe Biden’s son broker a deal with a highbrow New York art gallery where buyers could come purchase Hunter’s pieces and their identities could be kept secret from the public. What is Hunter Biden’s art’s real value? Why are collectors suddenly snatching up the work of someone relatively young in the field (but old everywhere else, especially his liver), and why are they determined to keep it all so hush-hush?

    Well, despite the massive bank Hunter is making off his pieces and the prestige that appears to be coming with both his sonship and his newly found painting lifestyle, Hunter isn’t too happy, It appears that the first son does not care to be laughed at, especially by conservatives.

    New York Times decided to do something totally unexpected and pitch a puff piece about a Democrat, but this time it’s about the suspect one in the family making boo-coos of money trading on his dad’s office, he also wants.

    According to a report in The Independent Journal Review, the first son “decamped to the Los Angeles area — which, as anyone will tell you, is the place to go if you want to avoid vice — with his new wife and his new occupation: amateur painting.”

    Hearing the Times talk about the younger (than the propped up dementia in the White House) talking about his life like he’s just been a misunderstood artist all this time is enough to make even the most staunch of straight faces burst into laughter. Especially for anyone who has seen videos of drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, sometimes sans threads, often in ways that involved family.

    “For years I wouldn’t call myself an artist,” he told the Times’ Adam Popescu. “Now I feel comfortable saying it.”

    Here’s how Popescu glowingly described Hunter’s artistic process: “Buried in layers of ink were twisting faces and organs, warm yellows to melancholy blues and angry reds — morphing shapes within shapes. He said it can take 14 layers of alcohol ink for the material to adhere to the nearly indestructible Japanese Yupo paper he uses as his canvasses. He blows the ink with a metal straw — it is fast-drying and ‘has a natural progression, and you have to be really focused in order to be able to alter it to your own imagination,’ he said.”

    So, to recap: Hunter Biden is a reformed, alcohol, sex, and drug addict that has moved back to Los Angeles and plans to make good on his brand new talent, raking in millions a month, and he wants people to take him seriously because he’s a serious artist.

    No one should consider even the possibility that the White House was out of line to use its leverage ot get the 50-something painter set up with connections. They certainly shouldn’t suspect that the buyers, who want to drop millions, collectively on collections that are typically displayed for all to see, would want to remain anonymous. And we certainly shouldn’t be asking if any of the purchases are kickbacks connected somehow to the Biden administration.

    All of that is unreasonable, a conspiracy theory, and anyone who so much as eludes to it is most certainly themselves guilty of being a conspiracy theorist at least and downright hateful at worst.


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