Ilhan Omar: Modern Day Robin Hood Seeks to Steal Money from Rich and Give to the Poor


    There is nothing like watching a Democrat boil over with pride and reveal the Democrat’s true plan for the country. The lazy liberals have long sought to create conflict in order to keep people from guessing what their true motives are. They need conflict so they can develop pointless bills so they can hide their destructive policies. But every once in a while, someone has a mouth big enough that is willing to tell all.

    Ilhan Omar is one that hates America. And she has no problem telling people exactly how she feels about the subject. But her mouth finally told the true story of what the Democrats want to see happen in America. Her plan is to introduce a bill that will seek to force a universal basic income concept on all Americans.

    She stated that “This Congress, I’ll be introducing a UBI pilot program to get money in people’s pockets.” In other words, she is going to take from people earning honest wages and give their money to people that she chooses is worthy enough to get the spoils.

    Somehow she got the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to go along with her idea on a local level. She is setting herself up to be the sole source of giving money to people that would agree with her and support her. She is willing to divisionally support people that show her favoritism.

    Omar believes that people should all make the same amount of money no matter what. She believes that she should be the one that dictates what other people can do with their money. Her idea is to take that money and give it out to others like some modern-day Robin Hood.

    Instead of handing out free money to people, she should be helping to create jobs and getting them to apply for those positions. But her vision of America mirrors that of communist China. A place where the poor are embraced and then used and the brave are silenced.

    Omar’s plan is nothing new in Congress. Joe Biden developed the American Rescue Plan that helped people struggling from the pandemic destruction. But he failed to tell people that the hardships people faced were a direct result of the illegal lockdowns that the Democrats imposed on people.

    His plan, like Omar’s plan, only adds to the labor shortage and the high prices of certain commodities. The hiring shortage that Biden has developed is another failure of his demented leadership. The more he follows progressive ideas, the worse it is going to get in America.

    Joe Biden does deny that his expansion of unemployment benefits is the reason for the higher prices and labor shortage. But the facts tell a different story. It is not a coincidence that the prices for commodities went up when the expansion bill was passed. It is something that he hoped would happen so he could develop other things to keep people dependent on the Democrats.

    The welfare state mentality that the liberals like Omar and Biden want to increase will only hurt the country. There are teachers refusing to return to the classrooms because they are getting more money for laying around than they ever did behind a desk.

    One reporter named Zachary Evans noted that “The April jobs report showed an increase of 266,000 jobs, roughly 800,000 jobs short of economists’ projections. While Republicans have cited enhanced federal unemployment benefits as contributing to workers’ reticence to fill the millions of open positions, Biden denied that this was the case.”

    So Omar’s idea is already in place under Biden’s expanded help. Another report from Senator Ben Sasse noted that “We should be clear about the policy failure at work here: There are 7,400,000 jobs open in the U.S. — but fewer than 3,000,000 found work last month. Why? This tragedy is what happens when Washington know-it-alls decide to pretend they’re generous by paying more for unemployment than for work.”

    Ilhan Omar has let the news out that the Democrats plan to equalize all the pay in America one check at a time. And all they need is something to hide their dangerous agenda with, so Americans are left out in the cold when it comes time to know what is going on. Their goal is to get it done before they lose power in 2022.


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