Is the Chinese Army in Maine? No, and Twitter Should Know Better


    OMG, the Chinese Army is invading Maine?

    No. not even close. However, Twitter has allowed such news to circulate even though it couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Twitter seems to be in the business of allowing fake news to run rampant. They’ll allow the tallest of tales to hit their platform but ban anything that is true and important to Americans.

    Disinformation is dangerous. It can result in hysteria as well as people panicking about what could happen next.

    Conspiracy theories have been hitting Twitter harder than ever – and one that is prominent includes Chines troops lining the border of Maine.

    There’s a QAnon-backed Twitter handle with close to 50,000 followers that have shared photos and are claiming that there are tens of thousands of Chinese troops on the border between Maine and Canada.

    They’re using fake photos, too – the F-16 fighter that crashed in Michigan? Yeah, according to the Twitter handle, it has shot down by the Chinese.

    QAnon is responsible for countless conspiracy theories – including Trump being responsible for fighting deep state pedophiles.

    Seriously, where do they even come up with all of this?

    It is Twitter’s responsibility to monitor what is being posted because that’s what they do. Their terms and conditions state that they can govern one’s access to and use of the platform if they post things that are altered, deceptive, or use a false source to identify information.


    So, the QAnon-based Twitter handle continues to post. They’re using altered photos, they’re being deceptive with their stories, and they’re using false sources to post information. And still, Twitter allows them to keep on keeping on.

    One retired Marine, Dave Lapan, talked to Military Times about “information warfare” and how Twitter is allowing it to happen on their platform. He explains that this kind of information can be dangerous – and that it is often generated by our enemies, or at least amplified by them.

    Often, nations such as Iran, China, and Russia will use social media as a way to spark unrest around the world. It works, too – people get nervous because they don’t know what to believe.

    Twitter has made it so that people rely on what is being posted. If it’s allowed to stay, it must meet their rigid terms and conditions, right?

    The Twitter officials were so quick to pull down anything having to do with Hunter Biden while they allowed posts about Trump’s tax returns to stay up. Clearly, they have the means to govern what is being posted. They deemed that the Hunter Biden laptop story was false within minutes of it going up – yet it took weeks to do anything about the Trump returns.

    It wouldn’t be such a big deal if Twitter weren’t trying to police posts being made. Either let all of the posts stay up or take them all down – but picking and choosing are only going to confuse Americans.

    It’s why there are so many people moving over to Parlor – a social media platform that doesn’t monitor and police the posts. Whatever someone wants to say can be said. It’s up to its users to determine what is real and what is fake.

    So, are the Chinese really trying to invade Maine? Are they going to be marching tens of thousands of troops through New England in the coming weeks?

    Absolutely not. It was all designed as a conspiracy theory to stir up unrest – and whoever is behind the story has accomplished what they set out to do. People are talking about the story and there are people who are nervous about what is going to happen next.

    And shame on Twitter for allowing it. They could have easily marked the posts as false within seconds of them going live. Instead, they’re going to allow that handle to continue making posts. They’d rather allow a QAnon backed handle to have the freedom to post than a legitimate paper like the New York Post.


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