Jim Acosta’s Slam of FOX News Has Conservatives Rolling With Laughter


    CNN Chief Whitehouse Correspondent Jim Acosta had some predictably dim views of his network’s chief competition (if it can be called competition the way Fox News mops the floor with the other networks), saying that Fox News is a “bull**** factory.”

    The CNN mainstay made his comments in reference to a story published by a company under the same parent company as Fox News, the New York Post. In that headline-grabbing piece, the publication claimed that copies of Vice President Kamala Harris’s book were given to migrant children at the border as part of their “welcome kit.”

    Acosta took aim at Fox News for supposedly misreporting the story, among others that have been reported by the network booty both the vice president and President Joe Biden.

    “That tale from the border didn’t just border on B.S., this was USDA Grade-A bull****,” Acosta said. “And the [New York Post] reporter who wrote the story resigned, claiming she was forced to make it up. But the damage was done, pumped out over the airwaves at the bull**** factory also known as Fox News.”

    Acosta said that “What’s really sad is that even prominent Republicans are still repeating this even after the story was debunked” and that “The top House Republican, Kevin McCarthy repeated the lie on FOX News after Biden’s speech to Congress.”

    “Lies, big lies can have terrible consequences. Just four months ago we all witnessed the fallout about the Big Lie about the election — and it should’ve served as a lesson on how lies can kill,” the CNN anchor said.

    Acosta is correct about one thing, the Post story was a noteworthy one. Publications across the nation, including this one, depended on the Post’s reporting, and according to the journalist who was credited with the story, the editorial team pressured her into writing something that wasn’t actually true. Yes, there was a kernel of truth, a jumping-off point, if you will, but it wasn’t, in reality, true reporting.

    Just days after the story first broke, The New York Times reported on April 27, that “the Post reporter who wrote the original article said she had resigned from the paper because of ‘an incorrect story I was ordered to write,’ describing the episode as ‘my breaking point.’”

    Because of the Post’s right-leaning slant, those on the left were more than happy to discredit the paper and to celebrate Acosta’s use of the word, “bull****,” once again allowing the journalist to put himself at the center of the story.

    The CNN host went after not just the Fox News Network (and apparently its affiliates) but one of cable news’s most loved personalities, Tucker Carlson of the now-famous “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Acosta, whose fame has come primarily from arguing with, rather than reporting on, the previous administration, called Carlson “Fox News Doctor of Disinformation,” as part of his diatribe against the network.

    Despite Acosta’s reputation as making stories about himself, constantly, even to the point of making appearances on the late-night television circuit, he has somehow maintained his reputation and standing among publications and networks such as his own.

    Critics of the self-aggrandizing White House correspondent have called him out, including Fox News who reported in July 2020, Acosta was taken to the mats on social media after quoting former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany out of context in a way that seemed to make the Trump administration seem less than concerned about scientific data surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Therefore, while we cannot in any way condone what The New York Post has done if recounts from its former journalist are true about what her superiors pushed her into, it seems that Acosta is living in the frailest of glasshouses and he should be very careful when throwing stones.


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