Kamala Harris Continues To Play in Her Crystal Palace as a Southern Invasion Gets Ready To Happen


    Joe Biden continues to make staunch enemies of American allies. He has turned his back on European supports and embraced Islamic terrorism, communism, and socialism. He stands in support of the Cuban dictator and has secretly helped Russia finish its major pipeline project. All while shutting down American industry and natural resource mining operations.

    The old man has also made a terrible mess out of what was a successful Afghanistan campaign. But within a few weeks, the president singlehandedly gave the Taliban the green light that they could have the country back. And in the process, thousands of Americans are now stuck fearing for their lives because of the Islamic terrorists hunting them down.

    But that does not stop Joe Biden from boarding an aircraft and running off to the beach over the weekend. He acts like he earned a few days off at the office. The disasters that his administration and lack of concern have caused are massive. He messed up an ISIS hit which ended up killing an entire family.

    He has also forced France to recall its ambassador because of the screw-ups. France wants nothing to do with the murder of innocent people in Biden’s messed-up attack.

    Biden’s beach run is also an international spectacle because of all the people sitting on the southern side of the Mexican border. The illegal crossings are a whole can of worms altogether. Kamala Harris was dubbed the border czar as soon as she stepped into the office, and all she has done with the crisis is fly over it and race Donald Trump to the border.

    Biden’s ugly half hates her job and only wants the glamor of being a vice president. She plans on staying in hiding, awaiting her turn to move into the White House once the old man is deemed unfit to serve. It has been her plan all along.

    Biden calls his administration the “Biden/Harris administration.” This means that Harris is just as guilty of killing people and neglecting Americans as old man Biden. Both of them deserve prison time for their work at destroying America.

    Harris’s reluctance to do her job has left hundreds of thousands of illegals trying to forge into America. American citizens cannot walk their streets along the border because they are filled with crooks and violent criminals seeking prey upon the innocent.

    Harris and Biden are a pair of liars that would soon forget that they have a job to do. The issue is that they do not want the job they were elected to do. Instead, they would rather act like the king and queen of a country that is tired of being overrun by ignorance and illegals.

    The illegals living under the International Bridge in Del Rio are in horrible conditions. There was a time when Harris and her nasty associates would have been yelling and screaming for the situation to be handled better. But the facts show that they do not care unless it will aid them politically.

    One reported noted that “local officials have described the scene as one resembling a  shantytown, with little access to clean water and food and just a few portable toilets.’” There is no water and certainly not enough food to go around. They are just stuck with nowhere to go.

    Republican August Pfluger mentioned that 15,000 illegals looked like they were of age to be in the military. There is undoubtedly criminal mischief taking place and even known terrorists trying to access America.

    Republican Tony Gonzalez stated that food was in short supply, and Mexican workers that can legally work in the United States cannot make it across because people are clogging up the pathways.

    Two hundred twenty-four miles of border are still open because the Democrats shut down the building of barriers and protective measures to keep people out. Just in august alone, 208,000 people were found illegally crossing.

    But Harris would instead be attending football games, and Biden would rather go to the beach than deal with serious issues threatening people in America. They have turned their backs on the people that wasted their votes on two thugs involved in shady deals.


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