Let the Exodus Begin as More People Leave the Democratic Party


    Socialist terrorists continue their parade across America with the intent of voiding freedoms wherever they can. COVID-19 has given them the perfect smokescreen with which to hide their dastardly actions. They have given themselves the ability to lock people down in their homes through fear. And they know that fear can be a powerful motivator.

    The United States of America is not taking these attacks lying down. The liberal states are the battleground because the leaders in those states are empowered by the fear that the virus has created. Fear allows people to be controlled. But it takes the fearless, such as James Custer, a sheriff in Pennsylvania, to speak out and expose the radicalism that is taking over.

    The Democratic Party is forcing people to do things that are not legal. Custer stated that there had been a “shift in ideals of the current Democrat Party at the national level.” And he wants nothing to do with it.

    The shift that he is exposing is the left’s acceptance of socialism. Under this form of rule, the authority lies in the hands of the politicians. Most of them under this form of government is corrupt to the core. And that pretty much describes the Democratic Party.

    2020 presents the liberals with a path to socialism. And they jumped on the path and took off running. The question will be whether or not they can be stopped before they do more harm than good.

    The authority that the pushy politicians will have will be to shut down businesses. They will be able to take over just about every avenue of production that should remain in the hands of the people. This seems like the type of control that no one would ever submit to, but they have brainwashed people into accepting their ideology.

    The media has nothing to lose, so they have opted to help spread cancer. CNN and others are quick to tell people that young people all love socialism falsely. The push that it is the new popular thing that everyone wants.

    But Custer is not one of them. His liberal party that he was once a part of has failed to be American. He stated emphatically that “This is something that I had been considering for several months. It probably started back when the pandemic started. And the mandates coming down by the Democratic governors, and, of which we have one here, Pennsylvania, that I fear are unconstitutional.”

    This is where the rubber meets the road. Custer has stated that he supports Trump and not Biden because of his party’s switch to socialism. He stated, “And as the sheriff, it is my duty as a constitutional sheriff to protect and serve, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and these unconstitutional mandates being brought down on our citizens. And being able to protect their rights and freedoms under the Constitution.”

    Socialists have no intention of upholding the Constitution. They will do away with that document the moment that opportunity presents itself.

    Pennsylvania is just one of many states to lose their freedom to move about. Tom Wolf is the governor, and he has issued all new lockdowns on people. Wolf is not a supporter of freedom but tyranny and socialism. It should not surprise anyone that his state has been caught red-handed with cheating during the election.

    Wolf went on to justify his socialist actions by stating that “With these measures in place, we hope to accomplish three goals: First, stop the devastating spread of COVID-19 in the commonwealth. Second, keep our hospitals and health care workers from becoming overwhelmed. And third, help Pennsylvania get through the holiday season – and closer to a widely available vaccine–as safely as possible.” Once again, hiding behind COVID-19 to keep their agenda secret.

    The liberals in America are not American. They are socialists. They intend to destroy and tear down any successful governments in the world. Every country that they have infiltrated has been destroyed. They have no success stories are proven accounts where this kind of demonic doctrine even works. It is cancer to the world.


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