Let the Whitesplaining Begin!


    We’ve heard about mansplaining for years – where a man explains a topic to a woman in a condescending way. It’s completely uncalled for and, to make things worse, it’s insulting as can be.

    As a society, we should be looking to treat everyone with dignity and respect. But, sadly, we’re a part of Biden’s America. People look to divide instead of uniting, and words get redefined to suit a liberal agenda.

    One university has decided to go so far as to include the conversation of “equity” in the student orientation – and the amount of whitesplaining that goes on will make your stomach turn.

    The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities has encouraged undergraduate students to take the equity and inclusion online educational module that is available for new students.

    And what is this module all about? We’re glad you asked.

    The Gopher Equity Project, something obviously designed by a social justice warrior, is looking to launch this module to “improve campus climate for all students.”

    The module clearly operates under the assumption that incoming freshmen are a) complete idiots and b) have never had to deal with diversity in the past.

    Here’s where things really get interesting. The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, is a predominantly white institution. As such, the Gopher Equity Project discusses on their “About” page that many students won’t have been able to learn about the “concepts about equity, power, privilege, oppression, and identity.”

    Wow, that’s insulting. And haven’t we, as a society, decided that in order to remove racism from the discussion, we shouldn’t be talking about these kinds of things? Clearly, U of M didn’t get the message.

    They would rather take a knee to the woke culture to make the bold assumptions that every white person attending the university has seen privilege and that every person of color has seen oppression. It’s stereotypes like these that damage the ability to accept everyone.

    The program offers some suggested reading – and you better brace yourself because none of it is going to put a smile on your face. “How to be An Antiracist” is at the top of the list, followed by “Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements.” And if you still want some whitesplaining to show how you can be a better human being even though your skin is too light, you can read “The New Jim Crow” or even “Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.”

    We won’t even talk to you about the podcasts or the TedTalks that are also highly suggested by this program.

    What’s interesting is that there’s a significant amount of content for white people to read so that there’s an understanding of what Black people and people of different genders and sexual orientations go through. But, where is the required reading for the other side? Where’s the required reading so that Black people can understand more about white people? Where are the recommendations to say that it’s okay for people to be unapologetically heterosexual?

    This is a liberal push of epic proportions. If people on the left have an issue with what Ron DeSantis has done with his Parental Rights legislation in Florida, people on the right should have a similar issue with what the U of M is pushing on incoming freshmen.

    So much for the unity that Biden promised. Just mark that down as another strike against him in his presidency.


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