Liberal County Makes Rule That Employees Cannot Travel to Florida and Texas


    The old thought of history repeating itself is expected within the Democratic Party. Officials from California were once banned from traveling to certain states because the liberal governor disapproved of the laws being passed in conservative states. History has come full circle now that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is banning travel for all to the states of Florida and Texas.

    The ignorant reason for banning employees from traveling is that a few people had their feelings hurt over laws being passed to keep the LGBTQ+ from bullying and destroying people who disagree with their poisonous and tyrannical takeover of society. Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis are the toddlers who made a motion to ban the travel.

    The Daily Wire found that the New York Daily News reported these toddlers as saying, “Considering the rampant rise of hate crimes and some pretty egregious conduct by jurisdictions across the country against LGBTQ+ youth and their families, this is not the time to be enacting more legislation designed to encourage more harassment and suffering.”

    It must never have occurred to LGBTQ+ people that if they are tired of being targeted by people of different beliefs, it is time for them to wage war against them and pick fights with people. The messes that these people create for themselves are why there is so much trouble for them. They want to make a statement and protest things that are figments of their imaginations. And then they get mad when the response from the majority is not what they were hoping for.

    Kuehl complained, “That order in Texas is discriminatory, harmful, and deliberately cruel. … The law in Florida would perpetuate a culture of bullying, secrecy, shame, and fear. It’s just a position we take: We’re not going to spend money to go to your states.” She would say that “sends a message that we won’t support this egregious behavior.” On some twisted level, Kuehl thinks of herself as a grownup elite that looks down on others that would think differently than herself.

    These two nutty women believe that people should be able to take their kids and surgically mutilate their tiny bodies. The laws in Texas and Florida make it illegal for any person to force surgery on a child that would alter what they are biological. The selfish monsters wanting to alter their gender did not like that a boy was born to them instead of a girl.

    Solis would go on to state that every single voice counts in America. That’s right, every voice but those of the children and the people that stand against the dangerous ideology that liberals have for America. Solis may claim that every person has a vote, but she will limit that belief only to those who agree with her.

    The liberals on the school board will keep their pennies from being sent to these two states. They think that they will somehow get their selfish message across by not spending money there. They believe they should be allowed to force their opinion on others but not have it expressed in return.

    Ron DeSantis and his administration would respond by pointing out that thousands of people are fleeing California because of the high taxes, high crime, and liberal nonsense that criminalizes parents for loving their kids. Florida is the perfect place for a family to live and for a company to thrive. The environment is favorable for growth and positive experiences.

    The school board of Los Angeles County is a group that believes they are big enough to force change in other states. But when one takes a hard look at the environment in California, it does not take long to see why so many people want to get out of the state. The Democrats have wrecked the state and are now looking for new territory to expand and influence with their poison.


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