Liberal House Just Does Not Get That American Does Not Want What They are Offering


    The liberals are all about acting as if they care for people while at the same time pushing bills that force Americans to do unconstitutional things. One of the worst was the Affordable Care Act, and another was The American Invents Act. Both of these bills tied American hands to the point that they could not do anything but pay money for something they did not want and kept people from being inventive.

    And now it looks as though the next pointless and harmful bill is about to come out, called the No Surprise Act. This bill responds to the possibility of the government being locked up because the Executive Branch and the Legislature are tied up in a gridlock on what to do.

    This new bill emanating from the liberal House is supposed to make it possible for people who are caught using out of network providers to work with everyone to settle the bill without much effort. The bill states that “Surprise medical bills might also arise when a patient receives planned care from an in-network provider (often, a hospital or ambulatory care facility), but other treating providers brought in to participate in the patient’s care are not in the same network.”

    The Democrats reveal the solution is that the bill contains “‘An independent dispute resolution process, or IDR…solves the problem of surprise medical bills related to out-of-network care without disrupting the broader market, and without having to involve patients at all. ‘IDR is a proven market-based approach that brings everyone to the table, making it an efficient and easy way for insurers and physicians to negotiate fairly and quickly, without added bureaucracy or costs.’”

    This may sound like a good plan, except the bill is lying to the people. The bill will force an IDR judge to allow in-network charges to be used instead of negotiated prices. The insurance company ends up winning in every case. The lies from the left just keep on coming.

    And it should not surprise anyone that the liberal media is not picking up on the lie in their investigative reporting. The socialistic Democrats control the media and the insurance companies, and they want the money and the power to control people. There is no better way to control a person except through their pocketbook and health care coverage.

    The liberal House is not getting away with things the way they had hoped because the American Hospital Association (AHA) stated that “On behalf of our nearly 5,000 member hospitals, health systems and other health care organizations, our clinician partners – including more than 270,000 affiliated physicians, 2 million nurses and other caregivers – and the 43,000 health care leaders who belong to our professional membership groups, the American Hospital Association (AHA) thanks you for your efforts….However, we urge you to consider several modifications to the dispute resolution process to reduce burden on all parties and ensure fair consideration of offers….”

    The AHA goes on to expose the greediness of the insurance companies and the media liberals. The bill gives them the money, and the media gets support from the liberals for promoting such a lie to the American people.

    President Trump knew the danger that the liberal House posed to the American people. Their liberal bills cannot be trusted. The Republican candidates in Georgia must win their races so the Senate can intercept the fraudulent bills and stop the nonsense that the liberals are trying to push on people.

    The Affordable Care Act and this new bill work together for the benefit of big-money insurance companies. They provide a way for the patient to be billed for things they should not have to pay. And it gives negotiating power to the insurance companies.

    The House liberals are the biggest liars that this country has seen in the past decade. Their words cannot be trusted, and Nancy Pelosi cannot be tolerated. The fact that the liberals lost nearly a dozen seats to the Republican Party should be a wake-up call to them that they will not be able to pull any more fast ones on the American people.


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