Liberals Attack Lawyers That Stood for Election Integrity


    The fight for freedom is never easy, as the presidential lawyers are finding out. Many of them have been forced to choose between being a patriot or losing their lives at the hands of the liberals threatening to kill them and their families. But now that there are lawyers fighting while being bullied, the liberal Democrats have sought new ways to try and punish them for standing up for law and order.

    The lawyers Defending American Democracy may seem like a trustworthy organization, but they are the ones trying to stop the fight for free and fair elections. Their method of attack is seen in the way the liberals are getting the lawyers kicked off the case and various attempts at defamation.

    Lawyers are supposed to represent people in cases, which is precisely what the Trump lawyers are doing. The crazy liberals are trying to punish these people for doing their job. This is no different than a lawyer that was hired to defend a known killer. And yet, that lawyer is never attacked like the demonic liberals are doing to the Trump legal team.

    One lawyer that is making ripples is Lin Wood. He was ordered by a court to explain why he should not be kicked out of a case. Wood is best known for his work defending Richard Jewell, who was said to be the 1996 Atlantic Olympic Park Bomber.

    Wood set the record straight and told the truth of who Jewell really was. He was the hero that found the bomb and alerted the police. But CNN and NBC lied about everything and defamed Jewell. Wood made sure that those nasty media centers paid for destroying a known hero that saved a lot of lives.

    Wood continues to fight for justice. His current case in Delaware is fighting for Carter Page, who is a former Trump advisor. The case is fighting to restore Page’s life. Wood stated that his client is an “innocent individual whose entire way of life was shattered as a direct result of being defamed and falsely branded as a traitor to his country…” Creepy liberals are heading hunting people that are connected to Trump because they see them as a threat to a corrupt way of life.

    Wood is the target of the liberal court because they would love to destroy a Trump lawyer. The bullying is over a temporary allowance that Wood has to practice law in Delaware on one case. But Judge Karsnitz says, “he has engaged in conduct in other jurisdictions, which, had it occurred in Delaware, would violate the Delaware Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct.”

    So now Wood is not only fighting for Page but, as he says, “I am presently engaging counsel to represent me to determine why this order was issued and to defend against its false accusations against me.”

    This is precisely how the liberals seek to operate. If they can destroy defendants of freedom and character by defaming the fighters, they will certainly take that option. This method of attack was one of the first ones employed by the Democrats when President Trump first took office. They tried to say that he molested women and should be convicted and thrown into prison. But none of their lies could ever be proved.

    The liberal appointed Attorney General Dana Nessel is the one heading the effort to destroy people wanting to preserve law and order. She stated that “Some of these cases where we know for a fact there were intentional misrepresentations made — the kind of misrepresentation that there is no question of fact that these were inaccurate statements that were presented to the court — yes, myself and also Secretary [Jocelyn] Benson, will be filing complaints to the attorney grievance commission.”

    The liberals are completely crazy as they continue to fight for things that are a part of the past. The destroy Trump movement continues ahead at full steam even though they have managed to cheat at putting a puppet in the White House. The problem is that these people will have nothing to do once the president takes a term off.


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