Lone-Wolf Threats on White House Escalate As New Capitol Police Chief Anticipates More Rough Waters Ahead


    In the aftermath of the Jan 6 patriot uprising at the Capitol Building, for the most part, things seemed to have mellowed to a simmer. But as we are all aware, appearances can sometimes be deceiving. Feelings are still running deep, but they’re running silently. Away from the TV crews and media publicity, voices continue to be raised. While not condoning what’s happening, this is what you don’t know about.

    It was out with the old and in with the new when J. Thomas Manger was installed as chief of the U.S. Capitol Police. The force is still struggling with its losses and injuries and Manger said they “cannot afford to be complacent.”

    Manger said lawmakers are at a higher risk now than they’ve ever been, but it isn’t from large hyped-up crowds, it’s from lone-wolves. They’re everywhere and growing daily in numbers as Biden continues tearing up one piece of America at a time. Sooner or later a nail hits someone’s head and they can’t help but take what they feel to be the appropriate action, right or wrong.

    He told the Associated Press that the Capitol force is receiving thousands of more threats than in the past. Between January and March of this year alone, over 4,100 threats against members of Congress have been received. Manger expects this number to shoot well over 9,000 by year’s end. 

    Manger told the AP, “We never had the level of threats against members of Congress that we’re seeing today. [sic] Clearly, we’ve got a bigger job in terms of the protection aspect of our responsibilities, we’ve got a bigger job than we’re used to.”

    The new chief bragged about the force’s newfound ability to collect data more effectively as the result of its widespread criticism for its lack of capabilities and training. America got an up-close and personal look and was appalled by what they saw. The importance of their positions didn’t appear to have ever been taken seriously.

    Another fear is that the recent rally in support of those arrested and jailed over the Jan 6 hoopla, might have been the first of many more to come, and this may not be far from being wrong. As Biden continues to nap, his serfs are becoming more restless by the day.

    After the last chief resigned in shame following Jan 6, Manger has attempted to motivate his deflated force.”We were just in a position where we could not allow another Jan 6th. And I really needed to ensure that the men and women of the Capitol Police department understood that we had the resources we need, the training that we needed, the equipment that we needed, and the staffing that we needed to ensure that they could do their job and do it safely,” he said. 

    Fencing and concrete barriers around the White House are meant to be rolled out as a deterrent during certain events and up until now, it’s always been temporary. This may change if things keep moving in the direction they are now. It appears Biden may cause the need for a wall to be constructed around him. How ironic.

    In the meantime, the lone-wolf population is thriving under a cover of darkness and if Biden doesn’t wake up soon, well, we’ll see, won’t we? 


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