Marine Would Rather Catch COVID Than Deal with California


    When given the option, most people would rather take a vacation than to go to work. However, one Marine finds working in California so unbearable that he is actively looking to catch COVID.

    His method of choice is a makeout partner, and he’s taken to Craigslist to make it happen. He’s actually so desperate that he’s said that he’d prefer a female but doesn’t even care at this point.

    Why would anyone want to work in San Diego right now? From the homeless on the streets to the countless restrictions in the pandemic, it’s hardly the hot spot that it once was. The Marines stationed at the air station in Miramar aren’t feeling very patriotic.

    The desperation of one Marine was found on Craigslist, where it has since gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. He describes the activity of his squadron as “just straight up not a good time.”

    Well, he’s after a modern solution to his problem, even if it means actually contracting a deadly virus that kills two to three out of every 100 people. He’s willing to take a chance.

    The Marine, whose name has not been released, has made it clear that he’s not looking for any kind of serious relationship. He’s looking to make out with someone long enough to catch COVID and that’s it. He just needs to test positive so that he can get a break for 10 days or more.

    Clearly, he hasn’t thought about the long-term. Eventually, he’ll test negative and he’ll be forced to deal with squadron activities once again. Unless, that is, he ends up on a respirator. There’s always that possibility, but perhaps he’d find that more acceptable than being in San Diego, too?

    There’s something in it for the makeout partner, too. Don’t get too excited, the Marine isn’t offering any kind of financial compensation. He’s offering base access or a barracks cat. By offering access to the base to just anyone who is willing to make out with someone while having COVID is a cry to get discharged. And anyone who will respond to this Craigslist ad for a feral cat found in the barracks may want to try an animal shelter instead.

    Is there that much desperation to get out of California or is this a cry for help?

    It appears that this Marine may not have what it takes to be a Marine. He may need an immediate discharge so that he can be sent home to mommy. He’s not what the military is looking for, and if being stationed in Miramar is his idea of “not a good time,” he may want to consider the conditions his brothers and sisters in arms are being exposed to in the desert.

    Should the military actually discover the Marine who was behind the post, his military career will be over. In the meantime, he should think about the Brightside – many Marines in California will be among the first to be given the vaccine. That means that he may not even end up with COVID if he makes out with a stranger who tests positive.

    Hopefully, this story has made it in front of Governor Gavin Newsom’s face. He may want to start asking himself some serious questions about his leadership in the pandemic. After all, there are men in the military who are looking to make out with COVID positive strangers just to get out of doing any work in the state. That’s really saying something about California and Newsom’s leadership, in general.

    If only there was a way to find out how many people messaged the Marine in order to take him up on his offer. If there are fewer feral cats on base in the coming weeks, we’ll know that there were quite a few offers – and that more than one Marine has exposed themselves to the virus just to get out of some less-than-appealing work within their squadrons.


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