Massive Lies Over COVID-19 Coming to the Surface


    Liberals all over the country continue to hide their selfish desire for power and control behind the puffed up COVID-19 numbers. The virus is not panning out to be the killer the liberals and Chinese hoped it would be. It is just another version of the common cold that affects millions around the world each year. The problem is that with all of the testing taking place, any liberal can take a part of the data and use it to justify their need to control people.

    Even the collective media plays a nasty part in perpetuating the liberally interpreted data to justify the insane treatment and lockdowns. The news reports the total number of infections and deaths every day. But they never report just how many of those millions are over the virus.

    Once that number comes out, everyone would see that there is only a handful of people at any given time who are home sick with the virus. Of all those infected, all of them are at home under quarantine. But the liberals and media act like the nasty bug is crawling on everything, just waiting to make its way into its next victim.

    COVID-19 is no different than that of the flu virus or the common cold. It cannot be contained by forcing people to wear a mask or quarantine. If those methods were going to work, they would have worked by now. But they have not slowed the spread or caused the virus to disappear.

    Masks do not protect the way they should, or there would low numbers of infections. The vast majority of the people that have COVID-19 have been faithful mask wearers. And many of the people that have caught it did so while visiting a doctor or a hospital.

    Lockdowns and mask mandates are not solutions. High ranking health officials are now warning people from being under long term lockdowns. They do more harm than good.

    Those sitting at home in fear because they believe the lies of the Democrats are suffering long term mental damage that will essentially take a year to get over. The liberals have long-awaited when their Chinese comrades release a virus that they could use to create fear in people. They waited for this moment so they could control the people and take away their freedoms.

    The liberal wackos also have their grunts out in the field, shaming and attacking people who are brave enough to stand up and protest, not wearing a mask. Just about every freedom-loving American has been assaulted physically or verbally by a Democratic worm living in fear.

    The liberal media hide the facts that no one wants to tell the public about so the Democrats can continue to control everyone. The hidden facts not published by the liberal media are proven to be right.

    The virus has a 99.8 percent survival rate. Even people with pre-existing conditions have a survival rate of 99.5 percent. The Center for Disease Control admits that 10 percent of the tests for COVID-19 are really accurate. And many predict that the push behind testing and hospitalization rates is the mighty dollar.

    Hospitals are told to report any death as a COVID-19 death regardless of what they actually die from if they have the virus. This means a person who has a mild case of COVID dies from a car crash-related injury must be reported as dying from COVID-19.

    At one point, President Trump encouraged the public to stop getting tested and for all testing sites to be shut down. The one-man who has been honest with the American people for the past four years told the public to stop believing the liberal testing sites’ lies. These once innocent testing sites have been hijacked by fearful liberals who were all hoping to use the data to introduce socialist living conditions.

    The American people are tired of being lied too. The vast majority of the nation wants the lockdowns to stop because they have realized that they do not work. The liberals will suffer a major defeat in the coming months because they do not serve the people. Republicans have already started to take over long time controlled blue seats because the people are tired of being lied to.


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